In Death and Dying (again)

Ed Lada

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Many comments echo my own thoughts, Ed, but the highlight for me was when you took "Dr" Arnold J Oliver, alleged Poli Sigh Prof, out behind the woodshed and whooped his old fat ass about Europe and wars and stuff. IIRC, I think he might even have complimented you briefly ... think millisec ... It was a beautiful thing to read.

Most of your writing has really been excellent reads and particularly so starting about 7 or 8 years ago when you gave up and began to use paragraphs like the rest of us. And it's so obvious but I'll say it anyway, your vowel usage is without peer. You've sacrificed so much for Polish children.

Thank you for that BC. It's nice to know I am appreciated by some folks here.

When I pass I will have in my obituary that in lieu of flowers, doantions of vowels can be made to VfP.

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Not too much yet but I can see it off in the not too distant future. Interesting thing this….life journey.



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Not as much fun or exciting as teens and 20’s
Had a carotid ultrasound recently and was asked to call the doctor on a voicemail.
Carotid has age appropriate stenosis for my general condition of BP and cholesterol medication control. However a nodule was observed on or near my thyroid , so off to get that ultrasound this afternoon.
Keep moving. My Dad had his 1st Carotid stenosis at 61, had 2 coronary stents later on. Kept swimming 5 days a week, kept his cholesterol low and died at 93 still sharp enough to do his taxes.

Peter Andersen

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High praise indeed, coming as it does from the biggest fuckup in this place.
You continue to get schooled and exposed as the ignorant basement troll you are on every juvenile attempt to post anything of substance, on virtually any subject. Once done, you quietly slither and try to sneak away from any thread in abject defeat, back under the cold wet comfort of your rock. But the large dunce cap you wear in your corner of misery gives you away. Devoid of any facts, logic, reason or intellect. Lastly, none of it contains even a miniscule amount of entertainment, which is the minimum asked of forum particpants. You fail. Your own low self esteem is proven by the constant use of epitaphs. Woe is you.