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That's my post on the J/109 forum. One thing you may want to try before drilling holes is rather than the aft end cheek block & cam cleat screwed in the cabin top, use a block that has cam and becket tied around the rope clutches as a temporary anchor point. You can then see how the rest of the system works. I've seen some use a padeye to attach this setup at the aft end so there is no need to drill separate holes for the cheek block and cam cleats.

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^ that's good advice.

Here's a pic of our system at the jib clew, the inhaulers are very similar to WHK's setup except it doesn't adjust both sides simultaneously. 4:1 on each side of the cabin top to a 3:1 after the turning block. The up/down control is cascaded 4:1 -> 2:1 -> 2:1. With so much mechanical advantage it is really easy to adjust.


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