Installing a composting toilet.

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.....I dug down into the compost to where the consistency was pretty much like dirt. Had that very aromatic "earthy" smell.

Not sure if it was on account of that earth smell masking other orders, but everyone aboard agreed that the "decaying leaves dirt" was far better than the coir or sawdust.

I can't tell if the coir gives off any scent, woody, earthly, nothin'. Is that because of the venting on my head?

Another friend mentioned this on his C-head with cocoa coir. They switched and are happy with a wood-based cat litter.

Their C-head is not vented and they are very pleased with it after near 10 seasons and have no odor problem.

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I think its for that big stick thingy that sailboats have... (see photo in post 245)
It's there for 5 months.

OGO 3.jpg


I installed an OGO toilet last summer and wanted to give an update.
I’m my opinion, it’s not great for 2 or more people living aboard full time. I’m having to empty the bucket about once a week before smell becomes an issue. That’s about $25/mo for medium.
I have a vent with fan installed and fill the bucket with coco coir medium to maximum amount.
I think the problem is that the capacity of the bucket. My guess is Nature’s Head and C-Head have a higher volume solids bucket.
The Oggo toilet is well built, but I think it’s better suited to weekender use or a single person.
The company has been very receptive when I contacted them. They sent me greater cfm fan, that has been a marginal improvement. Now they are shipping me an updated mixing bucket that is supposed to get a bette ‘stir’ of the solids.
I hope I can make the Oggo work as my space too small for a Natures Head or C-Head.


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Only problem with our Air Head has been with the peat or coconut husk medium.

Some packets contain bug eggs that hat h in the head bucket.
Labels tend to claim medium is sterilized but it's always true

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