Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

Frustrated with the difficulties of navigation underfloor, steers on deck, and fragile and blinding (at night) tablets, I'm wondering about going to wireless headset communication - like the AC guys.  So enabling easy voice comms between navigator and steerer.  This below might be one:

has anyone tried doing this?  What products/brands?  How do they work in wet, wet, wet TP52s?




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for overly bright Android tablets there are lots of screen dimmer apps that dim the screen down to full black.



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Many top programs use Invisio X5+V20 solutions. They are not for the weak of budget, but they do work very reliably in nasty conditions. Usually 3-4 people with head sets and only two with microphones.

GOD, this is sexy shit.  keep your comments coming.

Now, to ask the bloody obvious question .... have any of you dudes used this gear?  I'm sure it is great in the dust of Afghanistan (jus' guessin' low humidity), what about the other end of the scale?  And no, DoD budgets we don't have.

A wired system might .... might work.  I can see at 0300 hrs change of watch the ex-helm wandering off and ripping said wire out of jack, however compared o some other technologies it may be rather cheaper.  Do you have any products in mind?



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I do not know of any purpose built systems but it should be easy to set up. If your VHF has a hailer function just buy an external vhf speaker and hook it up. 

Ahhhh, Dick, you reveal yourself.  My cunning plan to identify the Rats in The Ranks and eliminate them is working!

All jokes aside, this has been teasing the more intellectual part of the afterguard (I exclude you from that adjective) has been puzzling about this for some time.