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“Interregional Siberian Sailing Regatta 2016 in the Ob Sea. Winner of class “Quarter-ton ORC” - yacht “RUS 1101 Volga” Novosibirsk, helmsman Sergey Khramov


Translate of link above: "The open championship and the championship of the Novosibirsk region in sailing "Interregional Siberian Sailing Regatta-2016" are over. Yachtsmen from Krasnoyarsk, Zheleznogorsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Seversk, Severobaikalsk, Irkutsk, Bratsk have traditionally gathered for the largest sailing competitions in Siberia. In total, about 180 people took part in the regatta."

"Volga RUS 1101 Conad 25p 1984 coque No138, 2008 à Novorossisk", see: Tonner/Q Peterson Conrad.htm?fbclid=IwAR0My2-qanKnes8Ks02VqIqU6CN7cCpT-Q6cc3kiND0b-ctfeEVydrxIT7I



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Thanks Liquid.......a couple more pics of the mostly original build below deck.  Also a pretty cool find when I pulled the mast to replace the carbon steel "T-Beam" mast step with G-10, I found the original 1972 Eisenhower/Apollo silver dollar that I'm thinking the builder John Schumaker threw in there for luck.



Long time lurker and finally a participant in this awesome current project is bringing this Yankee 38 named Bullet (hull no. 1, sailed in the 1972 1-ton World Championships in Sydney Australia) back to sail-worthy condition.  with the help of lots of useful info on this site i have so-far replaced the mast step, chain plates and repaired some soft bulkheads.  I think this one's definitely worth saving!  Pic of the boat leaving the factory in 1972, and a current photo at purchase.  Please close one-eye when viewing the massively large dodger (PO installed this to accommodate his 6'-6" height) , wadded up head sail, etc.   Lots of work to do but this site provides the inspiration to get things done (right). 

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Lovely boat- looking very good.

My own project, Pathfinder, was in that same 1972 One Ton Cup as part of the NZ team, after placing 1st in the previous Sydney-Hobart. Currently in much rougher cosmetic shape, but solid and very worthy of being put into good sailing condition. And both end up in Puget Sound... 

Hope to get back to some boat projects after an enforced hiatus due to business and other interference. Actually just took the cover off today. 

Pathfinder_0286 SM.jpg

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Comfort 30 half-tonner designed by Kenneth Albinsson


Google translate of link below: "She is usually mentioned in the same breath as Ballad and Scampi.
Maybe she's not quite as well known as these
since she com entered the stage last. But soon she went,
she was also comfortable. Thus, she won both
target shots and hearts.", see:
HTC -73: 2:nd Comfort II, Boding, Comfort 30, Suéde, see: Ton Cup.htm?fbclid=IwAR0WpAIQEkBTHsuTYAyebbfaO86NAAJdJKlXL-oPeiV4Ps1YG_pufdIPsJ4

12 metre

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...  OK..... so someone sell me on the cockpit layout concept.....
Not gonna try and sell you, but it was not uncommon in the 70's IOR boats.  Seemed to be seen most often in 3/4 Tons for  some reason.

Bob Miller used it as did Gary Mull on boats like Swampfire, and the local New Infidel.