IOR landfills?


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Hippokampos from -70 designed by Angus Primrose, "Souter and Sons in Cowes constructed her to contend the Admiral's cup for 1971"




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Got a pic from Guglielmo Crotti today: Geronimo two-tonner from -81, designed by STUDIO SIMEONE and built by De Vargas, 9:th at the TTC in -81 (17 yachts)

237068962_10223406204895636_836535622924626703_n.jpg Tonner/1981 TTC.htm

"Geronimo It Simeone ? De Vargas en bois moulé, 1981 Sélection Italienne TTC, Porto Cervo: 2e/??, Lo Faro, 12 septembre, Two Tonner Cup, Costa Smeralda: 13-5-15-11-12 = 9e/17, G.Lo Faro, 1982 18 mars, Alassio: 7e/21 Classe II;", see: Tonner/00 TT Liste.htm



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She’s been sitting in the bushes too long.  

Can’t find a boat that suits the admiral (and suits me). in a location that suits the admiral.  Close, but no cigar.  Since the admiral’s kept me solvent, fed, and generally happy in all the family like things, I do have to bend just a touch to please her.  So, I am looking at poor little Anna, sitting in the bushes, generally covered in mold and pine straw. A sad ending to a little boat that has brought us so much pleasure for 31 years.  Still, she has port side damage and needs a new mast.  (New sails would be kind a nice too). 

So, today, I decided, wait no more.  I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get her back on the lake. (And maybe on the bay too). First step, giver her a GOOD cleaning.  And yes, she cleans up darned good.  

Next step, finding a good fiberglass shop to get her port side and mast step right and check the keel for bedding.  Then, a good top coat on the topsides and a smooth barrier coat on the bottom.  Then get a new extrusion to a rigger and get a mast built.  Boy would I love a carbon mast, but probably will be thrilled with an aluminum mast that is straight.  

Why is she here, because she has so much of the IOR influence in her lines.  

First picture is as she is today, second is her best day racing, doing a horizon job on the fleet with every boat in the fleet owing her time and third picture just cruising in Caney Creek Lake

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I love those little buggers



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Why is she here, because she has so much of the IOR influence in her lines.

Signature V. Green at SA:

“Pretty sure the Santana 20 was designed with the IOR rule in mind. If you look at it, it reflects the narrow stern and rocker that seems present in most.": see:



Been a while since I have seen one, but they were fairly common on the Great Lakes.  Tripe spreader rig is not original equipment I am pretty sure...
Still about four or five left in Detroit, and the pictured one from Chicago.  Marina fire in 99 or 00 (during that winter I think) burned a huge chunk of that fleet.  And yes....typically two spreaders, not three.



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Albin Ballad from -74, half-tonner designed by Rolf Magnusson


Google translate of link above: "After 35 years, I am now selling my tired Ballad to a handy person who
can put a little time and love into the boat.
Teak in cockpit
Bathing ladder
Mainsail on roller boom, Furlex roller genoa + Spinnaker and boom.
4 winches
Penta MD 11 which works but low comp.
New starter battery, 2 consumable batteries 2020
Webasto Heater 2015
Compressor driven cooling box
Water Toilet with Tank,
Fresh water tank 70 liters, Fuel tank 40 liters
Gas stove and bottle
The boat is located at the pier in Tunaviken, Österskär", Sweden


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Lopez Island
Last I heard, still rotting away at Betts.

From January (in this same thread): "WSD is rotting away in Anacortes, WA, an old friend and former North Sails guy who is now into Alfa Romeos owns her, asked me if I want to be a partner and I ran away as fast as my old limbs would allow me. I walked up a ladder and walked on the deck, was careful not to fall through.   Very sad ending to a great Schumacher boat. " 

@Somebody Else might know something more recent?
Same experience, Fred S. asked me to be his partner.  I stepped very gingerly no to fall through the deck.  What a boat in her day.


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