Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???


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What was it they used to say about British cars?

Why do the British drink warm beer?                                                          Because Lucas makes the refrigeration.

Nevertheless if you ask my husband (a complete car nut) which are the top 5 cars he would own if money were no object, the top two are British , the third is Italian, the fourth is German (and he owns it) and the fifth is French.

If you ask me to identify the best looking racing dinghy in the world, it would be the Merlin Rocket.

They may be tinkerers but when they get it right, they really get it right.

As to the Sunfish. It is a POS that is perfect for dragging up on the beach and proof that people will race anything including Mirror Dinghies.

It has always amused me how fate will hand us a dinghy where the design mandate had nothing to do with racing.....and we race it and buy thousands. Then when a designer sits down to build a purpose built race boat....we switch off.  Its a fickle business !

As to the Pornstar?  They will likely bring a few over in containers. Some will look at videos on line. Some single men and a few married men will try her out on their own. But they are not going to introduce her to their friends or bring her home to meet the family.
Wow.  I love your logic.



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Sunfishes are cool! Like many old boats if you sail one where everything is broken then it will affect your enjoyment!
I will always love you for designing a boat i totally love , the D-zero . 

BUT after the comment’ sunfishes are cool ‘. I now rate you lower than iGRF  :p

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Err I love Paul , he is just a nice human being. But this choice of second wife was not good . # gold digger # bunny boiler .  :D  

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Daniel Holman

Hmm, what is cool? When, for example, it comes to celebrity rock star owners the Sunfish scores the biggest fish in the pond...
I like the car specific BBC top gear criteria. Maybe a bit pom centric.

Basically, if you turned up to take Kristin Scott Thomas out on a date in any given car, how would she judge you. Would she get in, would she walk away.

I think it holds true for dinghies. Take Kristin Scott Thomas out in a slightly patinated but fully functional sunfish, she is in the bag. Small cockpit low boom not trying too hard you'll be in there like swimwear, just look at Macca.

Same for patinated but functional Hobie 16 I would imagine.

Turn up with something brand new with branded drinks bottles and calibration strips, she walks straight back up the beach.


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