Is there a good site that lists all the main double handed races and regattas in the North East?


YRALIS events all have double handed divisions.

Newport Yacht Club Offshore racing consists of the Offshore 160New England Solo/TwinMitchell Memorial Day and Columbus Day Regattas, and the Bermuda One/Two which race anywhere from to Block Island, outside of Block Island and Rhode Island Sounds to all the way to St. George’s, Bermuda.  The Offshore 160 is held every even year, the Bermuda One-Two is held every odd year and the New England Solo/Twin is held every year.  The Offshore 160, New England Solo/Twin and the Bermuda One-Two are short handed races (1 or 2 crew). The Mitchell races are held on Memorial and Columbus Day weekends and they consist of a staggered start crewed race to Block Island and spending the weekend on the Block.



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on the other side of the canal, there is the Downeast Challenge, the Beringer, the Red and White, the Ted Hood overnight, and the Lambert that are all between 50 and 200 miles. Most start in Marblehead except the Red and White which starts in Boston Harbor. The signups for these are on or will be once the 2022 schedule is decided.


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