Is there any logic to owning a boat?

While going through the process of looking for my dream boat I have found myself trying to explain the purchase to my friends and family and realize almost everything I say to them sounds completely irrational. In particular it probably (she would never be confrontational like a western woman) sounds crazy to my long-distance filipina girlfriend, since you can buy a nice little two hectare farm on the oceanfront there in the province (translates roughly to middle of nowhere on a small island only accessible by bangka) for $10,000, complete with money producing coconut trees. It all started when I got on Yachtworld a few months ago to help a friend find a powerboat... 

My best rationalization thus far has been "I don't feel comfortable with fiat currency right now with all the government spending, and need to put money into tangible assets. Land is overvalued, I couldn't even find an affordable winter home in Florida bigger than a trailer to spend the next cold winter." Injecting "fiat currency" into the discussion has been helpful to confuse most of those that might try to talk me out of it. 

I'm just ventilating, since I know most people here share my mental illness. The best reason for buying a boat is always "f*$&  it, I just want it." But it might settle my nerves if I hear a few craziness stories from other people.


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My only problem with your statement is where you used 'Asset' in relation to a boat. At that point I know that you're as fucked up as everyone else here.



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I have a bunch of boats. I don’t perceive any problem. 

The ex-wife on the other hand...

I love sailing!!!

As an aside, a member of our club said “Buy the boat. You can always sell it later but you can’t buy one when you’re dead!”


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There is absolutely no rational argument that can justify owning a boat.  So to me, the answer is... One either gets it or not.  If you don't get it, there's no reason to have one.

Coming from a person who has owned a series of 7 sailboats over the last 44 years, both cruising boats and race boats.  in addition... 2 inflatable dinghies, a classic wooden pram, a Trinka sailing dinghy, and 3 kayaks.  Oh... and 2 center console runabouts.

It's an incurable "disease".  Currently searching for the next sailboat.




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Cruise ships are cheaper than boats, disease issues notwithstanding. Cheaper by FAR.

It makes no sense at all.

Neither does buying $5/gallon to fill the airplane. Neither does riding a Harley. Neither does racing an old MG or a new 911. 

Neither does screwing the crazy blonde with the huge tits and a convict husband just about to get out of jail.

So the question is - do you want to live or just sit on the couch?

Full disclosure: 24 Carolina Skiff used a lot, Catalina 22 not used a lot due to trailering, Boston Whaler 19 project, Starcraft 22 project, Wellcraft V-22 completed project for sale, two jet skis, two kayaks... oh, and a small farm to manage. Last year I bought 25 feeder pigs and a few sheep to raise now that was completely insane. This year I will plant clover and a small garden and call it good so I will have time every day to drink margaritas on a big sailboat while polishing it. 

There is some logic to a boat in the summer near Cleveland. I can just pull up to the big beach and women will ask for a ride. 




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What difference does it make?

Is there any logic to going to a movie?

Is there any logic in a nice lawn?

Is there any logic to skiing?

Is there any logic in doing anything unrelated to merely maintaining your existence?


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Ya lost me at "tangible asset". You are not right in the head. But regained my interest at filipina girlfriend. You are okay. Why would you try to explain your yachting interest to a filipina girlfriend, or a wife, on anyone for that matter? That's crazy. Just say "I like it." And change the subject. Best of all your post let's me post, for the 5'th time, my filipina girlfriends on a boat (before COVID, sigh):




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Related take on the subject from an aviation seminar.

Q: What if your wife is afraid of your airplane or does not like the expense?

A: Well my first wife thought that way, she was relieved of her duties.



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There is a continuum and it involves a ratio of cost to enjoyment.

By this rationale, the top of the logic chain is the ability to get laid in a canoe.

At the bottom is getting divorced over a boat you can’t afford...wait maybe bump that last one up at least to mid level logic...



A useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or resource.


A valuable item that is owned.


A spy working in his or her own country and controlled by the enemy.

The filipina is a fantastic asset :)


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