J-29 for sale in CT & NJ


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Stuff to look at other than obvious stuff like "Is it pretty" and "Are the sails nice?"

seriously... Pretty matters. A well cared for J-29 is much less likely to have serious problems.

1. Is the keel templated? The class rules allow for some huge modifications to the stock keel. In my shop I would hesitate to begion to fair a stock J-29 keel to the design templates for a guy with less than $5000 available in his "worst case" pockebook. I might get done for $3000 but I cannot imagine doing it for less.

2. Has it been wetsailed?? If so you really need to know about the bottom and how it haas been cared for. I know our water is a lot warmer here in central Texas but I have applied as much as 16 gallons of Interlux 2000 to the bottom of J-29s and still found blisters in a couple years. Around here we try to get every J-29 out on one of the guy's trailers for a couple weeks of 100 degree sunny day dry out every summer. Those that don't dry annually or more often have blisters. The boats look like somebody glued an entire bag of split peas to the bottom and then pained over the half spheres....all the local J-29s..no exceptions.

2. Look at the windows on the inside. Are there water stains?? Where did those drips go? Is the cabin sole rotted??

3. Are there stains on the bulkheads by the chainplates? If so check for rot by removing the chainplates. When you reinstall the chainplates. Don't insert those stupid screws in the cover cap. Just mash the cap down on some 5200 sealant. All the screw holes do is leak.

4. Are there brown stains around the fittings on the deck?? Brown is tannin. Fiberglass doesn't beeld brown stuff. Wood does. Brown means rot inside. Rot inside is not necessarily terminal but any fitting with old caulk needs to come off and you need to try to dig out the balsa around the holes...and replace it with something solid if it is rotted...and you need to see where the rot goes.

5. Original teak handrails?? I bet they are loose. and leak and not only is the old eroded wood useless as a safety decice but the damn bolts are rotting the adjacent deck.

6. Brown on rudder by tiller handle or gudgeon bolts?? there is a ton of wood inside that rudder...If there are stains you need to find out the condition of the core.

7. The teak rails on the foredeck are notorious leakers. Check

8. The stanchions tend to rot out the core beneath them and then poke through the top layer of the deck. Grab the stanchions and wiggle them. If the deck depresses they need help.

sometimes we do this

9. If the sliding hatch is all "fiberglassy" that is not so horrible. It can easily be fixed by sanding it with about #120 grit sandpaper and coating with a few coats of clear Awlgrip of Interlux Perfection. DO NOT use a finer grit of sandpaper. You want the clear stuff to STICK!!!.

10. saltwater? Check the bolts all around the mast deck collar. Are thebolts so frozen the rig will be impossible to take down for your trip hoime? What is your plan if the collar busts all to hell?

That's all that comes to mind right now.


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A 25% increase in fleet size? What other class can lay claim to that accomplishment?
more than that , I have one new J29 MHOB owner that will be out there next season and another MHOB that is sitting in the yard by the loft, i heard that one just sold too. maybe the 29s can get OD starts again on LIS

"lets do the time warp yeah"

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Mind those bulkheads. Most likely the deck, too.




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Hi Everyone..
Deposit check is in the mail for my current boat... I was thinking that the J-29 would be the next boat. Does anyone know anything about either of the two boats below?

CT Boat :


NJ Boat:



Greg F

I don't know either boat, but PM jespo, I'm sure he does. Despite his reputation on here, John is a great guy who was always willing to help when I bought my J29.

Gouvernail had some good points about what to look for on a 29. The blister thing may not be a problem for those northern boats though as they have most likely been hauled every winter......if they haven't stay away! The other issue of stains on the rudder could be rust weeping down from the pintles bolted on the rudder. They are stainless, but always weep a little rust in salt water.

J29's are great boats, I love mine, hope things work out for you.


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I think the Jersey one may be the old Patriot. If so, it is probably the best bet- that boat was thoroughly upgraded and well maintained. With some shining up, it's fast enough to hang with the best boats (boat) in the class. PM me for tuning info if you get that far.



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Going from an Evelyn 25 to a J 29?? a bit of an odd choice... The 29 is a tank in comparison.

You'll have you're hands full with Espo for sure.

It will be FAR worse for you if you run into a well prepared Evelyn 32 though.....



Greg getting his hands on a J29 is part of my master plan of convincing as many people as possible in Narragansett Bay to buy one of these boats. If we can get a few more we can actually have a 10 boat fleet and call it an ad-hoc onedeisgin. That way I never have to travel with the boat and can stay in my small little pond.

If this works out we have three J29s at EGYC. Just in time for the NAs.