J/35 Bretwalda

There is a J/35 named Bretwalda that is for sale on Yachtworld.  She is located in Chicago and appears to have been donated to the Sea Scouts by a previous owner.  Anyone have the skinny on this boat?  Its cheap, so I assume an abundance of wet core as typical with vintage Jboats, clapped out sails and differed maintenance.  Thought I'd ask here while I await a call back from the broker.  



Raced a Verve Cup on Brentwalda in the J35 class in Chicago many moons ago.  Bob P has purchased up since then....



Super Anarchist
I believe the boat has already sold to someone in Toronto, at least that is what I was told.   The boat was VERY competitive when Bob P owned her.  Sea Scouts had it in Chicago for many years.  Was not in bad shape when I last looked at it several years ago  but no competitive sails which is why she was cheap. 


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