J/35 tall rig


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Odd configuration of winches too. Maybe was set up for single handing. Class specifications definitely do not allow for triple spreader. Cost of replacing the spar is going to exceed the cost of some of the boats available on the market. Also currently the only class approved manufacturer for spars is Sparcraft. Kenyon and then Hall were OE spars but the last Hall Spar was sold about 6 years ago and is currently on a boat in Annapolis. New supplier can be approved but J boats must do that. I got the first Sparcraft stick.
I remember seeing this boat in 2005 at the San Diego Yacht Club. It was tired then. The owner converted to the bigger rig for offshore, distance racing. I don't remember anything else. Not sure why you would do that to proven design.
As others have said, a 2-3' taller mast was probably not OEM, but done aftermarket. That will make finding shrouds and sails (used or new) a lot harder than for the standard plan.

Plus, the J/35s I've sailed on have been quite powerful already. A bigger rig seems really unnecessary unless you're sailing somewhere with consistent low wind.

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