J-80 mainsheet systems


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Here's a picture of the Harken block we have on 554.  I sail in Hawaii, with plenty of wind almost all the time and have never had to kick the sheet to uncleat it.  If you are dealing with extremely high sheet loads, maybe you need a little more vang to balance it out.

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The photo revels your secret: that you are lucky enough to have a dog on board to handle the difficult stuff.

Most sailors lack that advantage.  They just sail with people who haven't even't learnt how to use their front legs, and instead balance precariously on their back legs.



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Last Saturday we sailed all afternoon in EXTREMELY puffy variable breeze that at some time came from every direction and varied from near zero to a steady 15 after the east wind from the approaching front finally took charge .

it wasn’t also interesting as the temperature would rise into the eighties with puffs from the south snd dive into the fifties whenever the winds from the north and east took over. 

Also, for most of the afternoon the wind at the southeast part of our sailing area was from the south, the wind at the far north west was east or north, and the center of the sailing area was full of confusing swirls. 

as there was no race, we decided to sail in the confusing air snd try to learn how to adjust the sail trim for the many changes. 

I am pretty certain I have arrived at the summit



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