J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?


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Looks great.  J Boats keeps proving they what they're doing.  Whether they are responding to market demands or creating them is up for debate but this looks like a great boat.  I worry about the rating comment on the J/Composites FB page though.  Did they neuter it like the J/11s?  I also hope it ends up with a single rudder.  Tiller steered double rudders seem like they would be a pain.

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I kind of hope they stick to a single rudder ala 121, but it sure looks like twins in the render and a wider rear.   

As long as this isn’t just a reaching machine  it’s really the sweet spot in my book.

I’ll give the obligatory, what’s it rate?    Way to early to know....



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Looks like twin rudders to me.  But I suspect it is an “all-rounder” and not near as beamy as a Pogo 30 or Sunfast 3200. Also looks like a fixed sprit, which would be a first for Jboats.  (Disclaimer:  I’m looking at the renderings on a phone with old eyes...)



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My guess is you’ll be able to have multiple configurations. Asymmetric from a fixed or retractable bowsprit or a symmetric spinnaker with a pole and stubby fixed bowsprit. I also think the render shows twin rudders and they may even be transom hung but again this is guess work and I expect both single and twin would be available. And I also reckon a straight lead fin keel will be available as well as low vcg standard keel. I expect the irc rating to come in at 1.040 - 1.050. The boat looks like an offshore J88 which to me is a good thing



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The boat looks cool.

In ORC, IRC, having options probably makes sense.

However, in USA PHRF, the successful J/Boats have been one-design. Our lake could have had a successful J/29 one-design class, but a couple were MHOB, most were FROB, and a couple were modified to be FROB with masthead spinnakers. Even with the J/105, you can usually get the local owners to run the ODR or full PHRF configuration. I'm trying to work on that right now as we are in a J/105 resurgence. I'm trying to convince the owners to all pick one configuration and go with it so they can race level. When we had 3-4 J/109s, it took a few years to get them to all agree to one configuration.

The J/70s here are doing well, racing with me and my Viper 640 friends in a Sportboat class. The J/24s are up to 14 boats at MBBC.

However, all the other modern J/Boats are just one each: J/122, J/111, J/110, J/92, J/88.

I do appreciate that J/Boats are easy to rate with the National Reference Ratings and the J/Boats table.

I will take a guess that this boat will rate 78 - 84.


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Interesting.  Nice.  Like.  It sits nicely between the LOA of the J/88 and J/111.  The interior here doesn't look completely stripped out, in fact the saloon looks almost comfortable!  The hull design appears very different to J/boats most recent releases in the J/70, J/88 or J/112E.  Maybe a broader transom and potentially stickier in the light airs.  However, in the released renderings, the J/99 looks more like a Sunfast 3600 which shares:  

- Fixed prodder

- Twin rudders

- Tiller (which a short handed 33ft racing yacht should have!)

- Chines extending full length 

- Fuller bow section

- Forward head/sail storage

- Maybe it's just the splash of red colour similar to the Sunfast marketing?

- Target market?  Looks to be the same IRC <1.05 offshore double handed crowd.  Think Tansquadra.  A very competitive and in demand arena.  Possibly the highest growth segment in European yacht racing over recent years. Duplication for the J/11S, which maybe didn't hit the targets they expected.

- Pricing? (all approx. base and stand to be corrected) J/88 USD$135K.  J/111 USD$280K.  Meet in the middle at somewhere around the USD200K mark, though likely north of that.


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I like the two quarterberth layout for offshore racing.  Nobody wants to try to sleep in a v-berth.

Fixed sprit is a little odd since they have been sucessful with retractable sprits for 20+ years.  They should aim to keep the LOA under 35' for dockage rates.

Water ballast option a la 121?

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did the j/11s prove to be a bit of a flop?

i liked the concept, but the idea of a detuned j/111 as opposed to a purpose designed model was a bit of a turnoff.

sounds like the j99 is going to be more like the jpk1010 as opposed to the sunfast3200, despite targeting the same market. 



Here's to hoping....looks like a little bit more interior than jpk....which maybe can be removed or not built in first place....if they offer water ballast...  

Anyway most unusual J in a while and potentially very cool....

Jpk says they have built a few boats for US mkt now and can do the electrical ...that wasn't the case some years ago. The new boat has been very popular and sounds like no way to get a 1030 for next year... J could sell a few of these here....depends on details.



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did the j/11s prove to be a bit of a flop?

i liked the concept, but the idea of a detuned j/111 as opposed to a purpose designed model was a bit of a turnoff.

sounds like the j99 is going to be more like the jpk1010 as opposed to the sunfast3200, despite targeting the same market. 
The 11s was just a bit odd, I sailed the first one in the UK and despite the modifications it still felt tippy and lacking in stability upwind. Downwind the combination of the J hull form and twin rudders meant it tracked very straight when sailed on more vmg angles but still felt like it would wash out early when pressed. Jataka had a very respectable result of I think 4th in the transquadra (i could be wrong) and with that being a downhill race it was expected to get a good result. I always thought that if it were campaigned properly with a proper budget then it would be competitive in the English Channel RORC races where Js typically do very well. I expect the 99 to pick up where this boat left off.