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I am getting back into some J24 racing after being out for a few years and am trying to clarify a few things on the rules.

For the step box as part of the inventory, on the boat we now have it is not secured anywhere below and I wanted to put in someway to tie it down etc. When I was reading the rules it says that it can be located between the bunks on the cabin sole. But then later on in the rules it says that unless otherwise stated in these rules, no equipment other than un-bagged sails shall be stored on the cabin sole. So can I store the box over the keel on the cabin sole?

Also there is a large metal shackle attached through the lifting eye over the keel. It seems to be screwed on very tight and is pretty rusted and corroded and it doesn't look like it has been opened or removed in a long time. Should I be removing this when racing as it is at the cabin sole?

We also have an aluminium pole and not a carbon one, is this worth upgrading to the carbon one? A lot lighter or are they pretty much the same and just stick to the aluminium one until it breaks and then replace with a new carbon one? 


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All of the above depend on the level at which you are competing. 

there is a place where the cooler or step storage box is supposed to go.

there are rules about storing stuff over the keel. 

the big shackle ought to be removed and replaced with a new $15 shackle before you drop your $10,000 boat and perhaps kill somebody 

aluminum spinnaker pokes hold spinnaker  in exactly the same place as Carbon poles. Whenever you feel the need to gain whatever advantage might come from having a lighter pole with the attachments in the center rather than a bridle and your budget allows the necessary so ending to do so, you are going to eagerly run out and buy yourself some placebo. 

mostly???  I hope you enjoy the heck out of your toy!!! 

And as you dial up your game, get the Grand Prix halyards that ctutmark makes.

They are super light and wicked cool.

Not to mention they are on Furio, current World Champion




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Hey Quattro which halyards are those?

We would have aspirations of sailing the boat to a relatively high level in one design J24 racing.

I suppose my question on the step box is where is the place it is meant to go Gouvernail which you reference? As I cannot find that place stipulated in the rules or included in the internal drawings of the j24 in the class rules.

About the shackle then, once I replace it can I, under the rules, keep it attached and in the bilge while racing the J24 in one design configuration?

So I will leave the pole for the moment then I as was thinking, thanks.


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If you have a boat that requires lead corrector weights, you're better served by a bolted in/permanently mounted step box.  This will be heavier, safer, and incorporated in the Basic Yacht Dry weight (1270kg), whereas without the same step-box weight you would be carrying that equivalent weight further towards the ends in the form of lead corrector weights (most coolers you can bolt/fit in the same space are significantly lighter than the OEM step box or equivalent).

Just an amateur perspective.

You can have a step box and a cooler.  Box can be part of dry weight.  Cooler can be part of optional equipment. 

I agree with Dogfish perspective




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Another idea if you do not have the step box is to construct a big teak board to mount in beteen the bunks where the box is.  This will be bolted to the bunks to have a nice solid standing surface for the companionway person to stand on when dousing the spinaker.  This should be done at max weight (20lbs?) and this will be part of your basic yacht dry weight.  Steve Lopez used to make them.  Ours is mounted a little father forward (2") and we have the cooler behind it.

For a lifting strap I see boats going away from using a strap with shackle and using a narrower double length strap looped aroung the bar.  Easy to do if you have the room underneath the bar to get the strap thru.   We will change to this since you do not have to worry as much about the oreintation of the shackle on the bar when the lifting starts.  I was worried that the shackle was going to get caught at an awkward angle when lifting.



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A lot of people do use coolers as the step.  However, unless they are chock full of beer, (a requirement at least on Wednesday's) they tend to be wobbly.  I like the step idea.