Jeanne Socrates

With all of the children out there trying to go solo around the world, i find this kind of interesting. I read about it on Latitude38 today. Jeanne Socrates, 68, is beginning a planned solo non stop circumnavigation today from British Columbia. I met Jeanne in Hawaii after the Singlehanded Transpac this year. She had sailed non-stop from New Zealand just to say hi to everyone, as she had done the race in 2006. Jeanne has already circumnavigared once before losing her old boat off the coast of Mexico, and has sailed her current boat basically 2/3 of the way around in the past two years. Should be somewhat interesting to watch. I have seen her boat up close and it's rock solid and well equipped. She seems to have more than enough miles to know what she's doing, so this is actually a pretty legitimate attempt.

Either way, props. I say Go Jeanne! my vote for SCOTW.

Story was here: http://www.latitude3...ayid=496#Story2

it was the second story down.

her website is here:

ronnie simpson

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her 96 year old parents are simply exploiting her for better seats at the nursing home bingo games

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her 96 year old parents are simply exploiting her for better seats at the nursing home bingo games

And I believe there are some sponsorship deals going on




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I'm thinking trans-oceanic all-girl match racing. Buy 'em both Open 60s, no EPIRBS allowed and a strict fuel allowance to run systems.



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Between the Depends product endorsements and the parental Bingo exploitation thing

my day has started on a happy note.

LMAO!!! :D

Expect "Good Time Jonathon" or "Sulyamen Reis" to pipe in soon with some BS that this lady

hasn't been properly prepared and trained.



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Check out: http://www.timescolo...4391/story.html

Jeanne is a good friend of mine. I asked if she was ever afraid on her previous voyage. She said only when the wind reached 57 knots in the southern ocean. Who among us would not need Depends in those conditions!
She's our SCOTW Foolish. Please forward her team the story on the front page tonight if you get a sec. There's no contact info on her site, just a form.



I could not relate to the kids, but I can relate to this woman. She started sailing at 51.

Amazing! I am so impressed.

She is truly a SCOTW! in my humble opinion.

Thanks to all that posted the different stories.

age and brains (and from Canada no less) beat out youth and a dads push any day. I hope she has the best trip of her life and shows the world what its all about.

My vote is Sailor of the Month

Go Jeanne!