Jules Verne Trophy 2020


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Coville's plan

"They will set to starboard tack in a fairly unstable northwesterly wind of about twenty knots, manageable conditions for a crew of eight," replies Jean-Luc Nélias. They should then have strong northerly winds off Portugal before descending quickly to the equator, which they could cross in less than five days. Once in the southern hemisphere, the challenge is to negotiate the Saint Helena high in the best possible way to arrive in less than 12 days at Cap des Aiguilles, at the entrance to the Indian Ocean. This requires catching a depression at Cabo Frio, at Rio, which can "cut cheese" in the high, thus making it possible to make a shorter and higher-speed road. This is what we are looking for with this window, but it remains difficult to predict, because it is quite far away in time and the area is unstable. "

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Gitana smoking along at 35-40 knots. They'll probably kick the website on in a bit. Maybe Yann forgot to wake up the webmaster.  :lol:

They just posted on Instagram that they went.

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Already missing  Fralo's site.  -_-

That was the best way to keep track of all the records. Wikipedia page looks decent, though.
Yeah, we need a Fralo tracker, come back please! Crazy to have two maps with going the same way, both showing Joyon but not the other boat on the water.  First world problems fer sure!



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10 hours ago, nogetwe said:

Sodebo boat tour (in French). Note the wheel next to the 'pilot seat' controlling the main hull foil if I understood correctly:

You got it right. The hydraulic wheel controls the main daggerboard horizontal flap and the main hull rudder flap, to control the "flight".



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Yes and speed around 18 19 knts at that time, but now back to 34.

I guess they had some form of issue, hope not serious, or maybe just a sail change ?

Note : too bad Sodebo does not have the "data" (curves) geovoile feature on its tracker, why not ?

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