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So, instead of being able to let the main take care of itself in a tack, you have to have one or two people loop the main. And how do you reef the main since the head on one tack is the foot on the other tack? You also have to watch out for the intermediate backstays running from the brace halfway up the masts to the cabin trunk - especially when you have an unexpected gybe. Just normal gybing would be "fun" - the sail is somewhat loaded up when the sail is looped to the other tack during the gybe.


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The mast has backstays, a bunch of them actually. They do not interfere with a tack (or gybe) because the sail never crosses the center of the boat. It goes over the top of them.

It is a clever solution to an invented problem, inventing with it a bunch of other problems.


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Amoco Procyon was Peter and Olaf Harkens try at a bi pod rig, apparently pretty cutting edge and about same weight as a normal rig.
I seem to recall the.drag offset advantage and it probably didn't help the boat was a canter which introduced a few more variables to the equation.

I do enjoy watching people revisit ideas that have been tried before but using materials like lighter stronger carbon but I do get a little tectchy when you have guys that ignore the tried before lessons learned, all because they have a better idea.
Boats do seem to attract a lot of them.

The other thing that gets me is rather than try just one thing to change and build upon its pluses and minuses- for instance try a bi pod rig on a tried and tested hull design where there is already a lot of empirical data, hell no we have to reinvent the wheel and design and build a fugly boat in its entirety and then wonder why they own an orphan they can't give away.