Kanye West is a fuckhead


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Kanye who? Did what? Who the hell cares?

I saw some dude on the late night show mumbling something about being sorry for his actions etc what a freaking waste of air time.

As for me being 15: Why would you make that assumption. didn't I...)

It is a fairly safe assumption based on the fact that the key demographic for this shit is 15 year olds, or those with similar mentality.
i joined this website when i was 15... i never liked Kanye West nor any music of that ilk... give me some real musicians, some real instruments, and some real talent any day over that shit.

I have to say though, i did see some rapper (dont know who) playing live with a horn section etc... didnt sound as bad as most of them.

edit: DDE, re heshe gaga: WTF!?!

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I heard him sing on TV last year Talentless is not a question. He was the worst singer on American Idol last year. Monotonal yelling would be the best way to describe it. He made Lady Gaga look talented, and that takes some doing.

Leave Gaga alone!



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West Maui

If someone happened to tell you that a single thread connects Kanye West’srecent antisemitic public breakdown, UFO sex cults, and motorsport journalism, you’d think it was the setup for a bad joke. It’s not. Welcome to the wild world of Raëlism, a religion based on the belief that aliens created humanity in order to satisfy their sexual urges, whose controversial symbol — a swastika embedded in a Star of David — just got Ye banned from Twitter.


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I don't know if we should be so harsh on Kanye

I mean If you were in HIS shoes and had attended multiple gatherings with the Jenner clan, after looking down the dining room table you too may think aliens created humans as sex toys. Fuck'n freak show every Thanksgiving & Christmas... /s