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Hand-count audits find no problems with Arizona ballot tabulators

Hand-count audits find no problems with Arizona ballot tabulators

Hand-count audits of the November election results in 12 Arizona counties found no problems with electronic ballot tabulators, but three counties didn’t conduct the post-election audits required by law.

State law calls for counties to perform a partial hand count of ballots after each election. Representatives of each recognized political party in the county randomly select which precincts or vote centers are subjected to the hand counts, as well as which races shall be included.


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Their case was thrown out in August. Judge Tuchi called it frivolous and baseless.

"When a judge issues a 30-page ruling with specific detailed factual findings that is a judge who is irate over the misconduct of attorneys who have engaged in basically a fraudulent case," said Attorney Tom Ryan, an election law expert.

The legal team included Alan Dershowitz, Andrew Parker, Jesse Kibort and Joseph Pull from Parker Daniels Kibort LLC in Minnesota and Kurt Olsen, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney.

Tom Ryan said that is exactly the point, "As judges realize that this election denial industry is not going away and that sanctions that they have imposed haven't stopped, I believe they're going to start to turn to additional penalties and sanctions to bring this to a grinding halt."

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