Keel Damage - Anyone have any ideas on what caused this?


the boat is in the cradle at the yard, on inspection of the leading edge of the keel has damage. We are all at a loss on what caused this damage - it was not damaged two weeks before the boat was hauled out (We Cleaned the bottom and the foils were in great shape then)

This is a 38 footer, fairly new 3 (year old) racer cruiser, there is a gouge about the size of a little finger where the lead is heavily deformed about 18 inches down from the hull, then regular marks (and small gouges) down about another 15-18 below the large gouge. The marks are pretty regular down both sides of the leading edge of the keel.

Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this type of damage?

Thanks in advance!

NOTE: For those of you out there that insist on seeing naked body parts before assisting, please go to,

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if its new, out of the water damage, like you said, than check wich one of you neighbours have had a new anchor chain equipped this winter. The cuts do seem completely free of onderwater dirt.

Maybe changing chains didnt went smooth, and the fastest way to the van, was staight onder your boat. Better pics might help. How about one where you GF nipples show right next to the keel, so we can better asses the size of the damage?



Pretty sure it is from a mooring chain. With the current from behind, pushing the boat forward and the wind keeping the boat from swinging around the boat will drive right up the mooring chain. Seen it a few times.

If you are on a slip the chains used to stabilize the ends on some docks come off at angle designed to miss most keels. But a deep draft can hit it and rub.

Seriously when are the tatas.



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our yard runs a chain under the keel from one poppet to the other poppet on opposing sides of the beam. if yours does, maybe it let loose and was reset before y'all saw it?