kevlar energized - wtf?

Does anyone know what the marketing pukes were trying to oversell when they called the mid 80s Jeanneau hulls 'kevlar energized'? I did some googling and learned that they were early adopters of the fiber, but aside from a label, I can't tell what if anything else about the boats was special.



Probably just a literal translation of a French term that has no direct counterpart in English. Or if it does they didn't take the time to figure it out. I deal with this all the time with French in the sailing business. The concept of colloquial English sailing terms is sometimes hard to get across.



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I thought that was a more 90's marketing thing to jump on the Whitbread 60 band wagon. It was the time when everything was made of the stuff. Boats, cordage, sails. I think Benneteau still uses it.



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/monthly_05_2011/post-53055-014301200%201306608064_thumb.jpgi have a kevlar energized Jeanneau :) it's a 2002 sun odyssey 40DS. from what i recall they have used kevlar to reenforce structural points of the boat like the bow and also to strengthen the underwater hull from impact. Kevlar runs down both sides of the boat below the water line on the inside of the hull and is about a foot high and 3/4 inch thick. I've attached a picture where it terminates in the V berth.

Not sure what this would mean from a strength basis in the real world, but i guess it can't hurt! When the boat was surveyed the surveyor said the boat was built exceptionally strong, but i don't remember him mentioning the kevlar as the reason.



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