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So glad my days of such pre-dated things like cell phone cameras, YouTube, and social media.
Same here, I was almost entirely in stealth mode. Didn't attract much attention from those kinds of females anyway, and not inclined to indulge... unless I could go first...


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That's a whole lot of alcohol based gravity. And good feelings in a few hours.

"I swear I will never do that again" until, you know, later that same day.


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The Burg, Maine
Hey, I bet most of us have been there at one time or another. Maybe not in KW, but somewhere.

I remember the bartender at a tiki bar in Galveston lifting my head by the hair and telling me, nose to nose, the next time my forehead hits the bar I'm in the street!

Well, I'm pretty sure I fell out into the street on my own two knees, but he did call it.


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The Burg, Maine
Probably a little drifty here, but that's me!

It's mid September and my wife and my best friends are sitting with our toes in the warm Lake Erie waters sipping beers and hoping for a green flash on The Peninsula (Presque Isle State Park) in Erie, PA.

A guy comes up behind us and asks if we'll take a pic of him washed up on the beach like a drunk whale?

Hell yeah, we get probably 6 or 8 perfect angles, lighting, focus, passers' by shock value, etc, on his phone and our cameras.

Here's one I took...

We're all laughing and having a ball and ask what the plan is. He asks us to take one last pick of him and his very hot bikini babe walking away hand in hand in the gorgeous sunset colors.

Pics to be forwarded to his ex wife sometime soon.

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