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Great coverage today Clean, Vegas, Mer, and everyone else on board. The vids were great lots of good stuff of the Farr 40, Melges 24, J/105. Thanks alot,
Lots of work today so I had to put Sailing Anarchy on the sidelines. Again great coverage

Is that Josh Garber from Minnetonka driving the Sailing Anarchy Party barge?!
Holy shit - how do you know our driver???

PM me who you are. He's a good kid.

Ditto that Yachtdog. I'm driving down from MIA for one or two nights. If someone needs a ride South and isn't an axe murderer, PM me. :blink: !
sorry, I'm not an axe murderer but do have a space in the zpod leaving wenesday from west palmish around noonish coming back friday around noonish for one. Who ever goes needs their own place to shit shower and shave...



From oneguyfromdetroit (Sydney 36 Bounder):

We had a day that could only have been worse if we hit someone. Bad starts, wrong side of shifts, bad or impossible gybes...the whole nine. "We even had to drop the kite and beat to the finish once."

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From Tastes Like Chicken (J/109 NA Champ): The lock nut on our headstay came off, and the stay unwound for three feet during race 1. We still held on to the finish with the jib sagging like a power cable, then raced to the dock, fixed it, raced back to the course, and got a 2 in the last race. At least we've got our throwout."

Just to remind you all - tomorrow we will be on Div 2 with the IRC big boats and fast PHRFers. Lots of anarchists in that bunch, big hangovers expected from tonight.
Hey Clean, Holler PDA at Emocean - J120 from Chuck town. I'll be racing him the Charleston race Week.

You should know what the PDA is.

Great job by the way.



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The funny thing is that clean is starting to sound like Tucker Thompson. 105 rounds the mark, they set kite and go slooow slooow. I like Tuckers commentary so it's not a slam. You do better at that then the interviews. I'd be worse at all of it but relax and ask them fun questions that they would never expect. Like... are you going to clothing optional party.... bringing your wife?

And please.... make your body a tripod and hold still during a vid.



Anarchist SimonS, owner of "I Won Yoga" (ex. Team Gill) had a shocker today during the first race. A miscommunication with tactician Mark Ivey led to their catching the mid-line boat's anchor rode. They were hooked like a marlin, and the big chop dragged them up and down, bashing into the RC boat. Dings and cracks up and down the side of the boat, a divet out of the keel, a bent kelp-cutter...not good. The RC boat had to untie its lines, attach a fender to them, and float it up over their bulb in order for them to get off. They were scored OCS since they couldn't physically go back to the line!

They recovered in the second and third race to get a 21 and a 16 - not great results for a great driver like Simon or a rock star like Ivey. This is the boat that lives in my driveway, and my regular ride - I'm gutted for them (and for me, since I'm the one who has to fix it).

Blu Moon was the class of the Melges fleet again, as they were last year - just head and shoulders faster than the fleet. In the second race, they won by nearly a minute.


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Actually Hippie, filing a lawsuit against your crew is a fucking cock shit move, filing a lawsuit to get your name on a pickle dish is a fucking cock shit move~ :angry:
Two wrongs do not make a right

Karma doesn't need your help or intervention

It was a cockshit move, even if he did deserve it

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Gonzo, reporting from the CS 42 Vitesse.

"The boat feels really good in big chop - it's heavy and just keeps rolling. We were never overpowered, even yesterday when the biggest puff we saw showed 42 on the screen. The level of competition is pretty high - guys like Farley Fontenot, Charlie Enright, Brad Read and good sailors. There's plenty of aggression despite the price tag, although the leader is very courteous on the course. The difference between the top 3 or 4 and the bottom couple is huge, but that's the same as any fleet. The first mark rounding is great - everyone nice and close, coming into the mark hard and fast."

Gonzo is sitting in third.



Thanks for all the links, pooh. I just spoke to Robert Greenhalgh, sitting in 2nd in IRC 1 aboard Flash Glove. He was at dinner so couldn't do an interview, but he's coming to the SA party.

Numbers is one hell of a gorgeous boat. We'll get plenty of shots tomorrow.



I can't stand TT's shit. It's the most boring crap ever, and Tucker is one monotonous MFer. All his videos sound like they were dubbed over on the lawn of the NYYC, and the background music is worse than my dentists elevator.

We need someone with some video sense for the next one of these.



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Great work. Really fun to follow along, except for the lag at our server end - but help is on the way! We should have a brand new server in place and handling all forum traffic in 24 hours!
Nawww. Best work, thanks to all.



no worries results have been posted
wairere in fourth
Had an issue with one of the farr 36's right before we finished but arbitration indicated redress not a possibility. A boat we were clearly ahead of just before the incident ended up 12 secs out of first. ah well, still have three days to dig out of it.

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