Key West Tuesday - The Pics


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Fiamma slipped in on Barking Mad. Goombay Smash just behind, followed by SLED. TWins, Nanoq just behind. Struntje has a red flag flying behind. I can't find Alinghi - did we miss them??



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First Race Photos by Meredith Block.

First Race Photos by Meredith Block

First Race Photos by Meredith Block

















Austin, TX
Great pics, and awesome coverage, Clean, Mer, Vegas (and assorted other rabble rousers... who yelled the comment at Pod in that M30 video? too funny.) Keep the stuff coming!

Mer, one quick suggestion: Looks like your camera is underexposing most of your shots. Not surprising, as the onboard meter is probably having trouble dealing with light sky, light colored water, and white boats. Similar to shooting in snow, it's trying to make everything a nice standard 17% gray, yielding darker, muddier shots than one would like. I'd recommend using the exposure compensation feature on your camera (I assume it's got one) to force the camera to overexpose your shots by a half stop or one full stop, and then see what happens. Should yield brighter, more accurately exposed pics.

And yes, I know you guys are working fast and furious in real time, so there's no post-processing going on. I figured the above adjustment could be a "quick hit" to yield good results. (Just don't forget to set it back to "normal" exposure once you get back off the water)

Keep up the great work! Judging by the background audio on that M30 Pod video, you guys sound like you're having fun out there.