Lack of intergration of Axiom to i50 and i60

George Hackett

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there is a boat here that has an i50 and i60, with a p70, ACU400, and Evo1. An Axiom9 pro replaced an e7D MFD.

the Axiom reads all except the i50 and i60. Axiom can not find them on the Network and can not integrate them into the Axiom.

the masthead wind unit is brand new and wired direct to the i60

the TriDucer is wired direct to the i50.

no iTC5.

any suggetions on how to get them to talk to the Axiom?

Cia Mari Raymarine diagram.jpg


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I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that i60 and i50 are Seatalk 1 devices, and than the Axiom has no Seatalk 1 interface. You need the Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG interface. How are the currently connected?

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I have this same set-up. i50 and i60 are SeaTalkNG. I have the transducer wires ran to the instruments and then off to the AP if I remember correctly. This spreads it out to the backbone.


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A quick look at Raymarine says i50 & i60 are seatalk ng units. If your schematic is correct you have the wrong connection strip. You don't seem to have any seatalk units, so that strip is corrupting your data flow. The magic happens in the strip, so take it out & replace with a 5 way connector. You do not show where you supply the backbone with 12v power? Normally that is at connector ( or in middle of backbone run)

George Hackett

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originally, the power for the i50, i60, and p70 came from the acu400. i switched off the power source there and ran a power cable to a 5way in the middle of the system.

i switched out the 5way with the yellow plug for a new one.


so next is downloading software up dates for the i50-60.


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Yep that's the one. Forgot you were dealing with a Pro and not Std Axiom.

Ok. I haven't noticed in your previous pics, but do you have a backbone cable (blue & black) connecting the 5 way block with the Axiom & second 5 way that has the recalcitrant instruments?

Also ensure that your backbone is terminated at both ends (plain blue blanking plugs into the blue sockets on your 5 way blocks.

George Hackett

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Yup. Back bone with termination plugs, black blanking plugs in, and all locks tight. There was one 5way that had a yellow socket. That was replaced with a standard one. I even went as far a plugging the black and white drop line from the Axiom into each the i50 and i60 with no luck.

Raymarine in England has now elevated this to a serious matter. Still waiting.


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According to your network diagram above, the way it was connected should work - the Raymarine STNG spur cables have an extra pin to allow them to also carry ST1 data, so having the two instruments daisy chained together and connected to the yellow socket of the STNG - ST1 adapter should allow data to flow to the STNG network via ST1. In the plotter, you would not see the i50 and i60 instruments listed under the network diagnostics, but you would see the ST1 converter. When you check the data sources page, that would show as the source of wind and log/depth data.

If you replace the ST1 - STNG adaptor for a standard backbone connector, the instruments should connect using STNG and show up as discrete devices on the network list. Having them daisy chained should work OK, although I believe that facility has been removed on more recent instruments so they each need their own spur cable to the backbone. STNG may provide faster data updates than ST1 depending on the output rate of the instruments, but you should at least get the basic functionality ether way they are connected.

In the axiom menu is a diagnostics menu which shows all devices connected to the network, and the data coming from them. That's the first place I'd start looking to make sure that the devices can see each other.