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Whatever device you happen to be using to read the drivel about “tight tolerances” used in the same discussion as fiberglass reinforced plastic sailing toys has to be laughing at its silly human user.

I can safely say there is not a single part of the IPhone upon which I am typing this post that has a 0.01 mm tolerance.
You can take your calipers to any store where IPhones are sold and measure to your heart’s content.
Tight tolerances on Lasers.
What a joke!!!


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I can't remember where I read it -- maybe it was in a podcast -- but because of random hull assignments at the major regattas the top ILCA sailors were trying to find the hulls that suited them least to learn to sail them better and take the risk out of the majors.

I think maybe it was a Bar Karate story after favourite lost a regatta due to not getting along with the supplied boat.
Tom Slingby’s Bar Karate interview he said he did this the few years before his Olympic Gold Medal. Those interviews are awesome.

Clean, thought I edited that out, oops. The current thought is the top 4 Moth builders are really close that it comes down to style and how long can you stay foiling on the smallest foils. There have been some eyebrows raised about why certain guys are in certain boats, especially with the rumored build issues of hulls and foils, but it all won’t matter once the racing starts in England in June. It’s going to be short course racing with lots of laps, boat handling will matter more than ever before. Nathan could win in his Mach 2 if his tacks and gybes are just better. End of side track.

Thanks for posting those articles on Laser mast rake. Those numbers are so small that it won’t make a difference for me, eating one less cheese burger will make a bigger difference.

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