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The 805
thanks for the video, congrats on that trip. it looked way too smooth at 30 knots. how many total miles and what was the elapsed time ?

So here is the almost edited text, deal with it.

How I got a ride on Lending Club2

30 June, While up in Canada on motor yacht delivery, I get a text from Capt Bob. We have a job for our two RIBs to tug boat in a 105’ tri. Sweet, I had intended to send them an email when I got back to offer help. I had coordinated some RIBs for “Geronimo” when she set the record.

Wednesday 15 July, read on “Sailing Anarchy” that Lending Club is starting early. Bob and I got word to Shore Manager that we are on standby to assist Sunday-Monday for arrival.

Sunday 19 July, launch boats in Alawai pre sunrise and run out to meet the boat in Molokai channel. Rhys and I both get video of the boat as she sails right by us. Try to chase a sailboat doing 35kt in open ocean swells in an 18’ RIB…good luck. Assist in getting the boat secure in Kewalo basin. Run the crew back to Waikiki yacht club for landing party. I was fortunate enough to hang with them for breakfast and talk story. I leave for mother in law’s birthday party. Bob stays and hangs with the crew into the late night(Aloha Joe). He volunteers us to assist with getting there shipped gear to the boat.

Tuesday 21 July, pick up the crew in Waikiki and run them out to the West side to grab three pallets of gear from freight forwarders. On the trip out I ask Tim how many crew they deliver with. He says that they have 5 but should have 6… I take one deep breath and ask. Do you need crew? He asks if I’m interested. Zero hesitation, YES! Do you have a passport? Yes, used it to move a motor yacht to Canada two weeks ago. Okay, we will talk with Ryan when we get to the boat. We arrive at freight forwarders and fill Capt Bob and my trucks with gear.

Get to the boat and help load all the gear and get it stowed. Help the crew halyard Peter out of his wheelchair and on to the boat and off again. Ryan and the crew are so classy with any guest. I ask Ryan if he needs another hand for the delivery to Panama, as Tim C said that you might and I am available. He says that he wasn’t sure if they needed another crew member but that he would let me know that night if yes or no. He asks if I get sea sick, and what my sailing experience is. I tell him that I have delivered a Farr 42 to Long beach and a Swan 36 to Tonga from here. On the Farr I was BN and was finishing the wiring of the nav lights up the channel and didn’t get sick.

Leaving the boat I call my wife “awesome Go”, my boss “That Trimaran? Go” and my friends that I can trust to take care of my boat for the tug out of Kewalo, Kenny “we got this.” I also needed someone to escort my paddler for Sunday that was set to win the Molokai2Oahu paddleboard race. Kenny (Team SuperLube from 80s) and Justin (his son a paddling badass) agree to do the tug job and escort my paddler. That night, shore manager Tim C calls and says that they will take me but I have to get myself home. Sweet! Game on…

Wednesday 22 July, Undue my whole schedule at work and get RIB ready for use, meet Kenny and Justin to run them through my boat. Meet up with my wife and go meet the crew at Harbor Pub for dinner. My wife is the best and had gotten flower lei for all the crew, and made sure to have one for Ryan’s wife as well. After dinner we load all the crew and bags into Bob and my skiffs and head to boat.

Underway at 2330 after troubleshooting bad VHF radio that was robbing power from the Nav system. Mahalo Kenny, Justin, Tim C and Bob for standing by to get us off safe. The boys still had to put boats away after we left.
Started with full mainsail and g1 but threw in a reef as we got clear of Koko head. I had warned Ryan that it was going to get rough as we got into the channel. Ran straight for Molokai but downsized from g1 to the g2. Tacked north to clear Ilio point but still needed to add two more tacks to give Kalapapa good room. I took it easy mostly just grinding all night as I don’t know this boat. Lots of tacks and sail adjustments. I am on a switch shift with Rhys every three hours. Jan and Ryan decided to put us on West coast time as it is the halfway time zone. That makes departure 0230, 23 July. I had a hard time sleeping that first off shift with all the excitement. It's easy now late on.

Thursday 23 July, We passed Maui with good room so was only able to get text to Heidi but glad I could. At sun rise they put me on the helm and had me drive the tack, by that night they trusted me alone on the helm with full sail in 23kt wind. It was funny, I came on shift we have a full main and the G2 up, its blowing 23kt we are going upwind and I take the helm for about 1.5 to 2 minutes and then they all leave the deck. I guess I passed the test. I am driving one of the fastest ocean going sailboats in the world upwind at over 16kt by myself. How cool is that?

Friday 24 July, This evening I got to press the boat in a close reach, 16-19 Kt wind and the boat will do 22. Not bad for upwind!
We had to slow down to deal with a stuck halyard lock up the mast. Mike was up the outside and inside of the stick, to free up the lock. He also reinstalled the halyard for the G3. There is nothing like going up over 100’ of mast with tools on bumpy Pacific water. Well done Mike! We later had to put two reefs in the main due to the sea state more than breeze. Stan made pasta with sausage and veggies for diner. I had made lunch of sandwiches using up most of the perishable meats and cheese that didn’t fit in the little chill box.

Oh, did I mention the boat is in French? Nothing like having someone yell for something to be eased and you look at the well-marked rope clutches and have no idea what to do. I will have to learn to sail in French.

Saturday 25 July, I have screwed up the time and woken Rhys twice too early so am making it up this morning and letting him sleep an extra hour. Rhys is great with “No Drama mate.” I forced my phone into Westcoast time zone to make it easier to keep on schedule.
The flex and motion of the boat is interesting, lots of fore and aft bounce from main hull when the float touches. The long nose also twists and bends whenever we stick it through a wave. The gooseneck has been making some loud noises so we have tried to grease it.
The trick today is committing to a path through the small disturbances between here and Panama. The routing software has us go through the development of one of them and out the back side.
We have been beating to weather at 20 in over 20. Jan doesn't like the bashing that the boat is getting we will be setting the second reef.

Stan and Jan have been teaching me the boat in French. I will have to make a tutorial when I get


Sunday 26 July, Last night we got to reach off the wind, wow what a machine. We put up the gennaker at sunrise and got the boat up over 30.

BBQ at 16 Kt 67 true, sorry 18kt, sharpie cap fuel nozzle as BBQ came with no reg. The hair should grow back on Jan’s hands…
Happy 40th birthday Ryan!
I busted out the Chili chocolates I brought for desert. Squall came and we all got to shower, yay not salty or stinky anymore.
We are trying to figure out where the tropical disturbance that is near us. We hope to get a ride out its left back quarter. Email is still not transmitting. I will try to get a sat phone call in.

Monday 27 July, Called Heidi, she was on way back to work from picking up car from mechanics. Sorry to leave you with all my chores love.
From the gennaker reaching to g2 and two reefs with 38kt squall pinching. We used all but the G3 today. Later on I was able to reach for almost two hours at 90twa, towards 130, at 24-35 Kt, what s ride that was. We are able to use speed and heading to go around most squalls. Watched "Limitless" on computer while going 30-35 and steering around squalls like they aren't moving. The crew has been awesome at having me drive whenever we have a different sail set so that I can get a taste.
Sleep was hard during the large squall, but easy during the fast reach. We watched a tropical disturbance develop over 10hours and grow into something we didn't want to be near, so now we are back beating to the south to stay clear of the next one forecast to develop off to the east. This is and has been an awesome adventure!
The crew has so much depth of knowledge. Stan was on Play station with Steve Fossett and Gitana optim for "the race" and others. I have learned a new way to tie my shoes watching Jan. He and Rhys are impressive with one pot and a burner in the galley. Such good food with so little, going so fast! Ryan always is looking for ways to make us go faster even in delivery mode. No wonder he won the NY Barcelona race. Mike just quietly takes care of everything forward and up the mast, while getting so much flack for being British.

Tuesday 28 July, Easy and light, wind 12, flat seas heading 114 at 70 true wind angle, 14kt. We cut up a pair of breeze pants for a cooling vent in the bunk room today, now we have a breeze in each bunk. The snorkel in the mast works great to keep the boat ventilated. The fairing over the galley port helps too.

Wednesday 29 July, we are heading south 166 to stay clear of storms. We will tack to head east today, still easy and light but doing 14kt, watch last night was Movies “Hot tub time machine” and “Gladiator”, moon and stars where bright!
Crossed the equator and Ryan and Stan performed the ritual for King Neptune. Mike and Rhys hadn't crossed before. We slowed down the boat and went for a swim. Very cool how we can just put the boat in backing mode and everything is mellow. We then tacked, had beers and are heading towards Panama. Lunch was rice and can tuna, dinner was gnocchi. Big moon again with breeze building, speeds over 17 Kt now

Thursday 30 July, still heading east at 14-18kt mixed weather.
Took two tacks just shy of equator, we are now on path for panama about seven days to go. We remodeled the bunk room and replaced the aft bunk with a mesh one. We had spaghetti for lunch and Teri chicken rice for dinner. We found a broken batten slide bolt and changed it out today. Bumpy all day but smoothing out tonight, waves make a huge difference on what speed and angle we can travel. We saw a fishing boat today that didn't respond on the radio. We think our AIS may not be working with the VHF off.

Saturday 1 August, smooth water and close reaching at 19+ looks like 5 days to panama from here,
Another night of moonlight. 3/4 foil down no incidence, 1/2 dagger, full main and G2. Minimum speed target 19kt, 60twa and doing 20kt towards the east.

Sunday Aug 2, still on path to panama wind 15-20, angle seems to be improving. We hope to be reaching tomorrow, still weather work today. I did some laundry on deck today.

Monday Aug 3, last night while watching Casino Royal, we heard a bang! The port side top shroud had parted in less than 14kts of wind. We spent the next six hours replacing it with most of our gennaker sheets. Ryan is such a great rigger. This will cause the boat some delay in panama to wait for replacement shrouds.

Tuesday August 4th, it was pitch black overcast and shifty winds. We are at full main and G2 reaching due east at around 20kts in 17-20. We will be passing just 120nm north of the Galapagos Islands, too bad we can't stop. We still haven’t gone over to a port tack to check the temporary top shroud.
We keep shifting between foil down and dagger up half and, foil up dagger down 3/4. This depends on if boat speed is above or below 20kts. It looks likely the boat will be in panama more than two weeks, so the crew could get a flight home and a break. Most have been full time from February.
Wow! I just finished another watch over 20, with a high of 27. An hour driving in the dark at that focus is intense!

Wednesday August 5th, last night was wonderful! Smooth seas 18kt breeze dark and beautiful bioluminescents. The foil is down now and it has a halo of light coming off of it that extends aft into the wake. Every touch of the windward float brings an explosion of light. It is hard to not lose focus and soak in all the beauty, but we are reaching in the mid-twenties, so need to be alert. We shall continue to reach deeper as we approach panama and will need to jibe for the last 200 miles.

Thursday August 6th, soo, we have tacked many times, modified the temp shroud, used every sail but the G3 and motored, and we are still 120 miles out from panama. The AIS works great in all this traffic. We have had torrential downpours, lightning and thunder! We are still running on west coast time and that is clearly 3 hours off now. Looks like total trip to be around 6000 miles. We should be in tomorrow if all goes well.
Boat is encircled by lightning storms tonight, with clear sky above and shooting stars often.

Friday 7 August, back to going upwind with 20+ on the nose. We get no free lunch on the finish approach. We sailed by a 35 foot whale that came up in our wake. Sailing through all the anchored ships was great. Many of the crews coming to the rail to wave as we blew by. Jan got scolding’s from Canal control as we pasted astern of a car carrier just leaving the canal, "sailing propulsion is not allowed in the canal!" Haha! 16kt across the last two buoys, so what?

Landed 4pm boat time, Panama.

Dinner at Balboa yacht club, stay at “Country Inn & Suites Hotel Panama Canal.” On hotel Wi-Fi I got to Facetime with Heidi. “What’s with the beard? You look like a terrorist. Take a picture for your mom then cut that off or they will never let you back into the country.” Ha-ha thanks love!

Saturday 8 August, breakfast buffet with Rhys at hotel then we are off to the boat with Tim C. Helped Mike clean up over 50 gallons of water in starboard float by rudder. Helped Stan, get another 10 gallons out by dagger board.

We headed back to hotel for showers then into Panama “old town” for lunch and drinks. I bring up the first time they left me alone on the helm. Ryan "once we realize someone is capable, there's no fanfare, you got it mate. I'm going below its shit up here". Jan had said earlier "glad you’re not a wingnut, and can actually drive." Thanks guys! If you ever need help sailing another boat call me.

Ride to airport at 330 from great tour guide that we had met walking “Alexander-Calon” 011-507-625-8479. I had no troubles getting in to gate at airport but “early” so bought phone cord to charge dead phone. After charging phone it’s still very early on "phone" time so went for food and drink. Went back to gate and they are all cleaned up and plane is gone. I ask guy there what time it was, he wasn't sure but thought it was 7 or 8. Shoot, phone says 5, I just missed my flight! Go to Copa Air customer service desk and change flight to tomorrow morning $126. Call Heidi to fix Hawaiian flight. She can't but I need a pen to get the info so off to the other end of the terminal to buy pen. Next 24 minutes with four departments at HA. Apparently my flight was booked through agency in foreign funds and isn't an easy fix. Stoked that the crew picked up my flight cost (Mahalo Ryan!)…but international cell rates and $226 later I will be flying out of Vegas at 615pm tomorrow. Now I just got to sleep till morning at the airport. Talk about go fast to go slow. Oh yeah, I forced my phone to local time.

Sunday 9 August, not too bad a sleep at the Panama airport and actually caught my flight this time to Las Vegas. The flight on Copa Air was great with two meals and free drinks. I stuck to water to keep my wits about me. Forced phone to local time. Easy walk through at customs and check in at Hawaiian air for flight home. I left $40 in some slot machines. I walk to the CPK for Cobb salad and drinks. I sat next to a Hacker geek that was at DefCon, interesting conversations about the future of computer interactions. Made my flight and landed safely home in Honolulu at 945pm.

Monday 10 August, back to work 7am…

Total distance 5262 sea miles, 15 days 13.5 hours or 14kt average.
Return distance 6614 air miles, 3737 Panama to LV, 2877 from LV to HNL.

Extra Mahalos to Renaud Laplanche for bringing such a great boat to the west coast, Hawaii and sharing it. You are so cool making multi hulls the norm. My Polynesian ancestors are grateful.


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