lifting foils needed for soft sail Class C


The cat pictured is 1991 Little America's Cup Challenger "Freedom's Wing". Designed by Gino Morelli & Pete Melvin who also helped the built, it is the first M&M's first project together. Skippered by Pete Melvin it was defeated by the Australian Defender The Edge III, mainly for the catastrofic failure of the beams during a race.



A class C boat did race the first leg of the 2015/2016 r2ak but not this one.

She has new rudders, Marstrom mast,and the beams look new, so they must of been replaced.

She was raced hard in San Francisco, so the beam issue appears to of been resolved.

She has two mainsails, one over size, another good reason to find lifting boards.

Everyone and their mother is designing lifting foils,at current prices it would be nice to get the right ones on the first try

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Ronstan was listed in gumtree Australia 6 months ago can't find the ad or remember the price though.
Was sold some time ago, $10k, but this was a re-sell, he had only purchased the boat within the last few years with aspirations of re-doing the foiling C, wing/soft sailed, but I doubt it he finished it, as it was going to be a monster project and the new AD had no new photos, no idea what'd happened to it now, assuming sold again, or given up and locked it away sadly.


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I don't think it will be "too heavy" for foiling, just heavier than would be if designed from scratch for foiling. How much? Maybe not enough to really matter; I would agree that getting the right foils (i.e a set from Groupama C's foil molds, which as I understand it may or may not be the same as the foils for the Flying Phantom) are more important than almost anything else. 4 point foiling solution? That would also be trick and probably faster in the water than the 3 point solution, but maybe not on a distance race where the number of tacks and gybes is lower.



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Call Rob at Paterson composites.

He has foils of a variety of shapes and sizes in stock. We also have tooling down there for the right kind of foils as FYH had a full set built and installed but never tested following the great shit show of 2013.



My guess is the C class is facing extinction. Too many new foilers around, and too expensive. It's a shame. IMHO. Could have been aotherwise if AC hadn´t turned into foilers and small cats

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The C class has always been on the verge of extinction, but recall it is also the class that invented the wing sail and brought foiling tech from the AC into beach cat sized boats. I agree there are plenty of new foilers on the market that are easier to go sail than a C with less risk of expensive crashes but there is no box or development rule for them to play in, they don't have the wings and the don't have the design efforts that the C class adds to the mix, nor do they have the speed or grace. I think what happened is Groupama C came in with a big budget, AC level program and re-defined what a modern C is, and its going to take a while for any normal C class to match and/or beat that, so for now, whoever is in possession of Groupama C is the odds on favorite to win. I'm optimistic there will be another exciting development effort for the C class when they pick an appropriate site for their next worlds; we haven't seen how the 4 point foiling solution works in a C, or what the latest U.S or Canadian boats would look like with the knowledge gleamed from the last championship rounds...


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