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This line looks like crap.  The sales add is not exactly a ringing endorsement either…I’d prefer the core not to “blow out”…

Plain white, but the core is bright blue. If the core blows out, you will certainly know since the strands will then be visible. Unique plied fiber construction is different than any other 16 strand rope. 7,000 Lb. Avg break strength.



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Does this mean MLX3 is difficult to splice?
it depends. if you strip it, no because you're just going to do a brummel or a long splice in the end (please don't tell me not to use brummels - they've been working for me and I practice both).

If you're going for a splice with the cover intact, it's not hard but it is a little bit fussy. The method I use requires you to put a few lock stitches in the junction between cover and core at one point, and then you have to be careful about how much of the core/cover you bury before you start milking the splice down. too much and you will be beating the crap out of the splice and you *may* not get it to bury because of how thick the buried part is. Too little, and you end up with an ugly bit of braid exposed. I usually make the neighbors look at me funny because I've got the line anchored to a tree, my gloves are smoking, and I'm beating a piece of line with a rubber mallet ;)

 I usually look for an excuse to strip the cover back just to make the splicing easier ;)   but for some applications you may want the whole cover intact.


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