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Ciao ragazzi,

i have been reading the innerView with Dave Ullman really carefully - and enjoyed Dave words.

I love my Ullman sheets from Italy. Pablo Soldano from UllmanGZ (formerly Zuccoli) is a magician and my new sails are a jump out of the universe. When i was looking for new sails - Pablo was the one and only who has answered me (called 4 sailmakers before) and sent me details and prices immediately.

I got my sails right in time, complete with battens, bags, lanyards, the ordered advertising, measurement and for a really fair price and ... uncomplicated.

UllmanGZ is also the only one developing and improving (not only selling) sails for the Ufo22 class. And he created the "Tuning Guide" for the Ufetto.

Newly he is active in the Melges Class.

I visited the Loft in Iseo and saw the processes and technology: impressive. Saw the funny test systems on the roof also.

Pablo is working together with Dave, try to improve and bring together the sportsboat classes. Their commitment is tremendous and the international collaboration bring efforts.

So i can recommend making deals with Ullman in Italy - not only the sails - also the service and the personality.

The new sail designs by the new software are terrific.

Try it - its worthy.



*the laminated ones are really sexier :)



I agree. Ullman is a class act and the type of role model sailing needs. I was struggling getting up to speed with a new boat. Sent him an email and he got on the phone and talked me through powering up the newer model mast on Melges 24. I had not purchased a sail from him but he took the time to walk me through "what he does to the rig". No bullshit- just the straight facts and specifications he uses. He then took the time to discuss the philosophy and reasoning behind the adjustments. I learned more in the one conversation than I had in sailing in the class for 4 years on rig set up. He obviously takes a long term approach to sailing and life and has a true passion for his chosen profession.



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In 1974, 1200 miles away from his loft, Dave observed my sail maker refuse to adjust my 470 jib at nationals so it would measure-in. He stepped forward an asked for the jib, and returned it adjusted so it would measure later that afternoon.

Saturday night at Long Beach Race week, we went to the Ullman loft to get a batten for a non-Ullman mainsail to replace one that ejected during a heavy air race. At 6pm, Dave was on his knees on the cutting floor repairing a blown-out 3DL Melges 30 genoa. He was also the regatta sponsor!

I have been an Ullman customer since 1974, except when he tells me his sails for my class aren't as good as his competitors. (J24 (1980s) and Etchells).



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Dave Ullman is the class act. He has treated his "brand" as something of value. He and his company have refused to go the "street walker" route and have continued to stand by product and quality. The attitudes listed above are found at all the Ullman lofts I have visited: helpful, technically knowlegable, and willing to educate.

My last note is that what D.U. really displays in his SA interview is wisdom in sailmaking and life. He is one of those guys that when he wins we all cheer and feel good about the result.



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Class of the field.

I sat in the car in front of the harbor where the tall ships were making sail when I was talking to Dave for that interview - a computer in my lap heating up my leg to near blistering levels. We must have talked for more than an hour, he had so many great comments that it took hours to edit down. Just a pleasure in every way.



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