Little Richard DTS

Ventucky Red

Super Anarchist
I remember reading somewhere that he use to call his concerts revivals so he wouldn't have to pay the income tax as he was an ordained minister..   But this too like of crap on the internet could be urban legend..



Super Anarchist
Suwanee River
"Princess Lavonne" his alter ego.

What a showman................... So many tried and failed to be him. Most notably M. Jackson..... Who tried to be both Little Richard, and Whatzername, at the same time....

Ah, well..... He lived a great, long life. He wasn't shot dead at 25 for being black in a white neighborhood, he did time for drugs, but what black musician in the 50s-70s didn't?

 I won't miss him, because I will always have his music.

 Thank you, Mr. Penniman.