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Omne quod audimus est opinio, non res. Omnia videm
Shorter for short attention spans

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I want to get back in the shop and turn the outrigger canoe into a tri, but there’s a fricking roof leak that’s dripping and causing mold.

Oh well. I picked up a Tiwal pretty cheap last year so I’ll get out on that in just a few weeks I hope.

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Shorter for short attention spans


Is this how you explain why, after 7 years of failure, you are still sheepling along after Trump praying to him to keep you safe from scary brown people?

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So you ARE a narcissist...

Let's take a look at five of the most common characteristics of a narcissist in order to create awareness.
  • Inflated Ego. Those who suffer from narcissism usually seem themselves as superior to others. ...
  • Lack of Empathy. ...
  • Need for Attention. ...
  • Repressed Insecurities. ...
  • Few Boundaries.
If vvv is capable of thought, why are so many posts of his simply the thoughts of others, expressed as memes?

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