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To the Editor:

Our meta-analysis of trial data on ivermectin for prevention and treatment of COVID-191 is potentially affected by a recent newspaper article making 2 significant claims. First, the preprint manuscript by Elgazzar et al3 has been withdrawn; second, “if you get rid of just this research, most meta-analyses that have found positive results would have their conclusions entirely reversed.” The first claim seems untrue at this writing and the second unsustainable.
In other words: all the successful treatments of Covid by Ivermectin have been in Sub-Saharan Africa. The patients were riddled with parasites. After the administration of Ivermectin, the parasites were controlled and the patients were then able to overcome the Covid. Some analysis may have shown that the Ivermectin was the control for the Covid, but that is false.

Grande Mastere Dreade

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Chesapeake Bay/Vail
Restaurant has a special 9/11 themed menu:

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. (7News) — A manager at a Stafford County, Va. country club apologized on Facebook Tuesday after receiving backlash on a 9/11 special menu that included a Remember-tini, Flight 93 Redirect and Pentagon Pie.

The menu has since been taken down online, but not before some people captured the menu and posted it to a private community Facebook group.

George White, a manager at The Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour, issued an apology on Facebook.

Mike in Seattle

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Latte land
Probably best to stay out of the forest altogether.

, it's just not safe.

" During breeding season, Yetis are known to display aggressive behavior towards humans, including but not limited to biting, mauling, and sobbing uncontrollably while holding the human in a bear hug and drunkenly ranting about their ex. "