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Using a condom to protect a microphone:

can't tell if was was ribbed for her pleasure, grip looks a tad firm..

Grande Mastere Dreade

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Thay haive a longue fassinatione withe bigge guns; K-12 Raillwaye Gun, Paris Gun, Guns of Navarrone, etce.

that's actually a cartoon character they have on tv in europe

Denmark’s John Dillermand is a claymation cartoon man who, like anyone else, enjoys grilling, taking walks around town and eating ice cream. But some of those activities can be difficult for a man with a comically long schlong.



This event reminded me of a flight I took out of St Thomas to San Juan International to connect to the big bird to Atlanta. A small airline called Cape Air had figured it would be good business to move their operation from Cape Cod (hence the name) to the Virgins when hell froze over back home(Hyannis, Mass). They flew those twin engine Islanders puddlejumpers back then which carried maybe 10 passengers but it did have a bathroom stall so was required to have a flight attendant who really didn't have much to do other than the safety brief and hand out sodas during the 25 minute flight.

I was sitting right at the front of the cabin and it was like being right in the cockpit with the pilot and co-pilot. I could lean up and into the aisle and see and hear their whole pre-flight ops during the taxi out to the runway for take off. The cute stewardess (sorry, flight attendant) was going through her pre-flight standing right next to me in the aisle until the pilot got on the intercom and gave the order for her to get to her seat and prepared for takeoff. The seat opposite me was open and nobody really likes being crammed up against the bulkhead to the cockpit unless they like 'sitting in' with the crew and snoop as I was doing. The stew slid into the vacant seat opposite me and gave a smile as she buckled in and put on her Walkman headphones and dialed up some tunes and closed her eyes for the short flight. That gave me the chance to take a closer look at her and I could see she was a bit disheveled and tired looking. She looked like she had been ridden hard and put away wet so to speak and fell sound asleep.

The flimsy curtain that was all that separated the passenger cabin and the cockpit was velcroed back and I was happy to see that I would be able to watch everything going on for takeoff and hopefully the rest of the rather spectacular route over the Spanish Virgins and El Yunque the rainforest on the east end of PR. There was a long wait for takeoff and the pilot started chatting with his mate as we waited and I could hear all that was said. He was bragging about having taken our stew out for a wild night on the town (Old Town San Juan) and what a wild time they had for their first coupling. He wasn't using such mild terms as I just did and I could see the co-pilot craning around to look at the sleeping damsel and re-appraising his opinion of her. I have to confess I took a closer look myself...

Finally we got clearance to takeoff and the Captain came on the intercom to tell everyone to hang on and prepared for takeoff. He got down to business and the engines roared and we spend down the long runway and into the air. Five minutes later we were at cruising altitude and I noticed that the cockpit intercom was still on in the passenger cabin. Once the plane was put on auto pilot, the captain resumed his lurid tale of his sexual prowess with the still napping stew! I looked over at her and she was in deep sleep and the Walkman would have covered up his nasty braggadocio. I looked around the cabin and the other passengers were starting to take notice but hadn't gotten the preview of the situation that I had before we took off. It got worse and I was trying to get the captains attention but he was so wrapped up in his review of her skills that I finally had to undo my seatbelt and reach up an tap the co-pilot on the shoulder who turned around probably thinking it was the stew tapping him. I pointed at my ears and then his headset and then the girl and then the whole cabin of passengers. His jaw dropped and he figured out what I was on about and hit the intercom switch in great haste...

He pulled the curtain closed and told the Captain what had been going on and there was some argument as to who hadn't turned off the PA system and finally the speakers came on again and he announced that seat belts could be taken off and the stew would be coming around as soon as she woke up and would be serving complimentary Bacardi and Cokes for the remainder of the flight.

She seemed to be oblivious to the whole faux pas and after she had done the drink rounds and sat back down for landing I took the opportunity to chat her up and ask if we could meet up for an evening in St Thomas when I got back to the Islands in a couple of weeks. I even invited her for a sail on St John but sadly that never came to pass. I noticed at deboarding that almost every unaccompanied male who still had a pulse was hitting her up too...


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