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I've seen worse too just not a doll 'collector' like that. I've been in a house were each room was different storage, say for empty tin cans and large plastic Folgers canister, the other room had the magazines and newspapers, etc, up to window sill and above.

Walking in, my first thought is always about fire. No way someone is getting out though the house...

I've been in hoarder houses with the pile canyon pathways. That's got to be a top Fireman nightmare!

Friend of mine is like that. I went to his house once and once only.

We're still friends but his place gives me nightmares.


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Hording, as entertaining as it is from the outside perspective, is really a sad situation of mental illness.

I'm sure they realize the problem and are simply incapable of change of behavior. So settle in with the acceptance and misery.
It is a HUGE problem in the suburban setting around here. So much that our FD participated in a hoarding task force with social services, community risk reduction, and the building department. It is absolutely compulsive. I remember several where a local church in conjunction with the task force worked for months to “gently” declutter this one woman’s house. When they were done it was much better and very livable. Within 1 year it was back to square one.


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veni vidi vici

Veni Vidi Ego Dubito
I can't figure out how to fake it for architectural interest, so I did an image match through our robot overlord. Googe completely failed to question the structure and showed me a dozen stairs of traditional design.
Can’t see the wires going up to the ceiling 😉


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Only if you sew a designer label on the clothes.
Easy! Le Carhartte…

When I was in high school there was a moment where shotgun jeans were a thing. It was a pair of jeans that had been shot with a shotgun at reasonably close range. Sold with the empty shell attached to the label. It was the acid wash jean era too, another fad that passed me by

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