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Keeps us from killing each other in the streets. Seriously though healthy competition helps us be better and enjoy our abilities. The seriousness and money can kill it and the fun can leak out but most of the best teams in any sport are having fun at some level. It’s a necessity to being a good team Imo.
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Schools and left wing zealots? Should be reigned in. Celebration of diversity by almost blatant discrimination is wrong. Let kids be kids. Promote tolerance and equality, but do not put race, sexual orientation on a pedestal for the spectacle that it has become.
Schools is a tough one. It seems like LGBTQ+ kids are now being supported to the detriment of normal kids. Which on a societal basis is probably an OK thing, with the pendulum swinging to their side for the first time ever. But is perhaps not great for the normal kids who are now getting shouted down for not being LGBTQ.
anecdote: My son was a keen dancer for a few years, did classes and some performances. Went to high school, and in Phys Ed when they were doing dance, got shouted down by the LGBTQ faction for suggesting choreography. Was told that his opinion had no value as he was a straight male. Ended up getting in trouble for ditching class etc. And this is a pretty friendly kid who competes in swimming at a national level, so generally doesn't lack for self confidence.

Now, I know that LBGTQIZ kids have been on the wrong end of this sort of thing for ever, so it's good that they are getting some power. But I have also observed that there are kids now who are professing LBTQZGI preferences in order to be part of the cool kids. Which isn't great. But again, it's the same process that has previously seen boys hang out with bullying misogynistic jerks and take on some of those traits. So probably a change for the better overall.

But I do kinda wish it didn't have such a high prominance in my kids environment.


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then what's the deal with all the drag queen story telling shit... or drag shows at various kids events ...
some queens like reading stories to kids just like everyone else and kids really like costumes. there is no groomomng, it's entertainment, drag queens are performers. drag queen does not equal transgender


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I’m not sure the objections are to transsexuals in general as much as biological men competing against women in athletics. The college swimmer who never won a thing competing as a male and was a national champion competing against biological women is a perfect example.
And was named female swimmer of the year.

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Why have competition? Winning and losing just stratifies humans according to biological anomalies. It’s really very unfair when you think about it.

There was an interesting short story about this (by Vonnegut? Barthelme??) where talented individuals were handicapped to "normalize" their abilities. Think Baryshnikov-like dancer performing with shoulder and ankle weights.

The world was certainly a duller place.

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