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Let me say I'm impressed.

An 8’ length of pipe on the wrench handle is better. Did that a lot on old VW wheels. It saying it was right, but it worked. (Usually)

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There is a certain lack of judgement on the part of the drag queen and the school that creates moments that could be characterized as inappropriate for school children of any age. I think its likely not typical behavior in reading with drag queens to school children but it certainly gives one a moment to be concerned. I think anybody with a brain would think a lap dance with a high school child regardless of whether its a he or a she or a he dressed as a she or any of the various permutations on the theme is just wrong.

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The only reason I can tell the first one isn't real is the gutter is still attached. They even added strings of lights everywhere. They do need fat civilians in camouflage for no apparent reason.
has @Ed Lada weighed in on this yet?

I'd celebrate any holiday that pleased her.


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Many believe the fall of the Berlin Wall and destruction of the USSR had nothing to do with Reagan/Stockman escalating the arms race to bankrupt the Russians in the 80s, but Directv and Baywatch.

Many Eastern Europeans bought boot-leg receiver units while in the US and took them home. When they watched Directv with neighbors, they had Baywatch playing.


Sitting in their cold shit hole concrete apartments watching Pamela Anderson's boobs bounce down the beach as she jogged in the sun, it was the trigger that their life was far inferior to those of Americans and their government was lying to them.

Fast forward to today. They can easily get Directv. What do they see?
  • Drag queen contests
  • Cupcake wars
  • Red neck bass fishing
  • Ghetto thugs rapping with gaudy bullshit trapping around them
  • Clueless twits trying to flip houses for prices 10x what they pay for rent.
  • Anarchists trashing beautiful downtown areas while drug addicts take a dump on the sidewalks
  • Whining victims on every level
  • Idiots trying politicize EVERYTHING while blaming each other and NOTHING getting fixed.

Pretty easy to see why the US dollar and culture will soon flame out and with it, American influence.
The globalists have won.
So sad.

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