Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

On 8/22/2018 at 10:29 AM, Rasputin22 said:

Here is how they cleaned up the nightlife scene at Subic Bay. The Navy just moved the whole officers club bar at Cubi Point to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola! 

Cubi Bar to today

Oh yes, enjoyed myself thoroughly living there in the late eighties before Mt Pinatubo blew. Not everyone's cup of tea, though.  An absolute shit-hole, but a fun one, once you learned to roll with it, or even press the pedal further. Lost my wallet one night, dancing on top of a car while it drove through Olongapo. I was in THE ZONE.  The bar in Pensacola is exactly the one that was in Cubi. They disassembled it, shipped it, reassembled it, and I'll vouch for it's accuracy.  Always a couple of SEALs around too, to go explore the more remote, dangerous, and illegal surf spots with. Shit, I remember one time during Typhoon Ruby...



Typhoon Ruby must have been a pole dancer at the Cubi Bar. 

   Is this her, no wait, that was Jack Ruby's stripper girlfriend.




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Hey, no argument about Po City being a shithole but to be fair, Subic Bay was  one of the most beautiful natural harbors I've ever seen, comparable to anything in Hawaii. There's a lot of beauty in that country if you can overlook the poverty and conditions.