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I received the below e-mail from my club and thought that Sailing Anarchy would have a much larger knowledge poo than a local yacht club.

Members : See Note below, Reply to: [email protected]
I received the below e-mail and thought that Sailing Anarchy would have a much larger knowledge pool than a local yacht club.
Dear Commodore Amrein
I am searching for an older yacht that was reported in the New London area and possibly stolen circa 1970. The name of the yacht at that time was SABRE formerly the M Class ISTALENA when raced on LIS in the ‘30’s. This was L Francis Herreshoff’s classic winner of the M Class during those years. She raced successfully on Lake Michigan in the 40’s and 50’s where she was converted to a yawl. In 1961, she moved to a City Island boat yard and on LIS where she was reportedly last seen and possibly stolen.
The specifics of the yacht: LOA—87’; LWL--54” Beam—14’; Draft—11’; DSPL—94,000 lbs. In 1970 was rigged as a yawl and possibly painted yellow.
My interest stems from racing on Sabre, as she was named during the 50’s before being sold off the Lakes. I am still being asked the question “What ever happened to the Sabre?” She was well known by many and is still remembered as being the largest racing yachts on the Lakes.
Perchance, do any of your members (probably very senior) have any recollection of these times and events? Any thing you could send would be very helpful. Also any other contacts that may have some knowledge would be welcome.
Peter Reichelsdorfer
Past Commodore 1977
Sheboygan (WI) Yacht Club  






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Boston, MA
Interesting. I'm sure Peter already knows this. I didn't. It was a pretty boat, once:


Istalena was in Chicago in very poor condition in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The last known owner was David Morrissey. In about 1970 he either had her on a cruise or had sold her to a new owner. She was lying in a marina on City Island and was stolen, never to be seen again. A few days after the theft, a boat sank off Cape Hatteras. The crew was rescued but never really told the Coast Guard what boat they were on. The speculation is that this was Istalena's fate. There is a rumor that at one point, some of her "bones" were found, but that may be just a boatyard story.


Glenn McCarthy

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We had 2 pictures of Sabre hanging on the walls of the house when I was growing up. Not too many years ago Mr. Reichelsdorfer purchased them from my father and they now hang in Sheboygan Yacht Club.


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