Looking for wed night ride NYC, N. NJ, Larchmont, Rye....


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I am from CT originally, jr sailing etc. helmed womens, crewed heavy coed, and team racing, sloop team college Eckerd College (before they started to suck) and was captain, moved to Charleston, made Charleston Community sailing, was the j boat rep for south Atlantic/ yacht broker, got a real job that I loved for 2.5 years, helmed 2007 Adams national ladder finals, head sail trim 2008 Adams national ladder finals, lots of 22s 24s 105s Melges, phrf, 2008 KWRW, 120, bla bla...company closed in april, no work in Charleston, took consulting work for Laser Performance/maclaren strollers living in Edgewater NJ till September sail every day for 'work' now,

Looking to fill my evenings, I can do any position- best as head sail trimmer, main, tactics. 150 lbs female, 28, easy to work with, pretty strong for a girl, not ugly,- contact info below- The closer the better to dirty jersey... the GWB is my nemesis.. but I will make the trek for a solid race and a good time.

Sarah H. Schaill

[email protected]


PO Box 519

Folly Beach, SC 29439