Looking forward to the invention of cleats in Canada

Bull City

Bull City
North Carolina
^^I can't stop watching it. Can you imagine if there bull rails on that dock?

This is a great thread.

By the way, has the "officer of the crown" pissed off yet?

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Great Wet North
He might have actually survived that if there had been a bull rail - it would have given him something to grab.

He obviously forgot the "Hold my beer" part.

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This thread will continue until bull rails are eradicated from the earth. I ask only for genocide against them. Is that too much?
The USA does have a long tradition of genocide, but it would be nice if you could take a break from exporting it


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just finished Inferno, about the intentional decimation of Hamburg during WWII from a recommendation found on SA
Are you telling me that Sailing Anarchy recommended that the Allies firebomb Hamburg during WWII???  And the Allies listened to them?  Political Anarchy, right?  Wow.
Little known history, but there it is.
Wow, I had no idea.

I'll have to be more careful with my comments!




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The USA does have a long tradition of genocide, but it would be nice if you could take a break from exporting it
Yes, the colonists brought the tendency along with them from Europe. Part of our (mostly) British heritage. But there's nothing wrong with genocide, as long as bull rails are the subject.

I don't want to get along with bull rails. 

Really? Well hell, from now on when someone asks where I live I'll tell them South Alberta.
In that case, you'll probably be pleased that you'll have a reputation for having very few bull rails, especially the further south that you are.  Won't that be great :) .  Although there is also a dearth of taquets--cleats (and truth be known, any signs of the French language either).  That's because we unfortunately have very few water bodies that are large enough to be worthy of a boat  :( (except for the plastic type of boat -- which are shorter than you are tall -- that you paddle down mountain rivers). Alas.  Lake Minnewanka in Banff is one of the few exceptions.  There, only the canoe/photo-op dock has bull rails (to keep the American tourists from falling into the frigidly cold water ;) ).

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