Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36


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LR is in the water 




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The rules have been amended many times, in many protocols over the years. If you believe Iain Murray (which many people do) the rules have been amended due to safety concerns.

The last time LR were CoR, they waived their veto rights (in good faith) afforded them by the protocol of that cycle, in favour of a challenger committee working together, and were subsequently outvoted by a challenger group who were beholden to the defender (Oracle Team USA), the AC62 class was replaced (mid cycle) by the AC50 rule, the previously agreed to Auckland qualifier was scrapped, which put ETNZ's future in jeopardy, and LR withdrew from that cycle.

ETNZ were (allegedly) financially compensated by ACEA for breach of contract in regards to the scrapping of the Auckland qualifier, which (ironically) may or may not have been key to ETNZ's success in Bermuda.

Oracle may have been forced to pay the critical amount needed for ETNZ to take the Cup away from them, which would be hilarious if it was the case.
Trouble makers? Where's bad boy Brad? Keeping a low profile?

As for COR, in the good old bad old days in 12m Newport the NYYC had little to do with the challengers as they had their own defence trials to take care of. The challengers organised the trials themselves. There was minimal collusion with the Defender. 

The new COR deal working closely with the Defender does not seem to be fair on all the challengers unless they are able to vote (though as pointed out LE/RC shafted LR over the AC62 and then ETNZ in Bermuda by encouraging a cabal). 

Cost effective to have Defender and challengers running one regatta/press/TV system as current. However that should not compromise the challengers ability to work together to offer the best team for the Match. The COR is typically a bit of a pasty with the hip-pocket system. But the COR should still be responsible for setting up a system that leads to the best challenger. Hopefully that should still be possible even if the COR gets eliminated early (rather than the COR responsibility being progressively passed onto the remaining players.



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I wonder if our Italian friends are feeling optimistic today. It’s a nice light breeze ie Prada weather. You have a nice new set of foils and the dual helm team seems to be working.  I’m half a Pom so I have to support Ineos  but I can’t help feeling a little nervous when I look out the window and see a light breeze here in Auckland. Anyway good luck to you guys and may the best team win 



Interesting that LR had their runners on in both races today.

Maybe one of their work ons found it was faster to just use them instead of argue about. 



Good racing today, LR had only a bad moment in the second race on a split, where a wind shift cut the advantage to 60mt only. Luckily the wind shifted back quickly.



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