Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 37


Dayboat sailor
Luna Rossa broke their port foil.
Interesting part is that you see a lot of wires.
Are those foils equiped with reinforcement cables?


Super Anarchist

In the Bay of Angels, the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team were busy perfecting sailing technique with helmsmen Francesco ‘Cecco’ Bruni and Marco Gradoni concentrating on light airs take-offs in a morning session where the wind, from the northwest filtering over the mountain range behind, struggled to get above 9 knots. The recon team noted that: “The prototype struggled for a self-take off. It seems that while the mainsail is constantly powered and depowered (‘pumping’) the leeward board arm is close to parallel to waterline. It is unclear whether during the transition the two flaps are regulated separately or combined to generate the required lift and side forces. Several upwind tow-to-fly runs were observed.”