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The boat in question is an IMX-38. But I was more interested in the why, I know it is fast in some classes, for example I have seen numerous photos of Farr 40s with the boom above centerline. And in looking into it through the magic of googleI found this article that is interesting- -

He says that the purpose of the boom high is to generate more power, which makes sense higher AOA without stalling=more power -- what I don't get is with the angle of the boom wouldn't most of that power be directed the wrong way ie. heeling force rather that driving force


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does your VMG suffer as a result? thats the real questions. do you know anyone with a similar boat you can tune up with?

how tight is the clew tie down or the foot to the boom? sometimes the boom is over CL but the actual sail is on or below. are you inclined to foot too often and is the trimmer trying to drive you up?



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sometimes I have it over in very light airs so that the bottom batten is parallel with the centreline, rather than the boom, when we also have a little more twist than we would otherwise have.


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