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Easier to cnc a core out of divinicell foam or similar with a high density foam stringer or vertically laminated cedar then glass over it.. If u want to stiffen just cut your foam core with a slot to strip out the middle and lay carbon unis then cnc again.  Or cut a section out the middle and wrap then glue the thing back together.  Or cnc a temporary mould and lay up skin then lay a stringer up the centre for each side made of something wrapped in carbon or glass and fill the rest with foam and level up to 2 half's then epoxy glue together, can rebate the leading edge or create an internal tongue on each side so there is plenty of gluing surface. Need to get the two halves aligned though.  

I built a few foils in my condo. Easiest was the wood core method with unis, came out OK if a fraction heavier.  Despite my awful faring skills. 

Maybe if u could print just the skin u could glass in the structure inside.  But would need to know that the epoxy bonds to it. That might be doable. 

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I also failed not one, but TWO plywood centerboards. One on a GP14, another on a 505. Fucking rolling shear. DO not make boards out of plywood. Very bad idea. The cross plies cannot take the  shear being reversed repeatedly and fail in "rolling shear"
If you cut plywood into strips, stacked them on top of each other and glued, then profiled that, you would have half the wood fibres going parallel to span as before, but the other half would not be parallel to the chord, but perpendicular.  Would that turn plywood into a good shear web suitable for covering with laminate?


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