Marine batteries in Mazatlan


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Sorry to hear that.

There is an Autozone nearby. The web site mentions Duralast, Autozone's house brand, which are made by a few big american companies.

Measure the size and height of your battery boxes; they might not have group 27, but might have something close. I'm assuming you need proper deep cycles?

Otherwise TERÍAS LIZARRAGA carries LTH.  LTH is a big maker in the Mexican market and a few Google maps alternatives suggest them. Their Heavy Duty line has some Group 31 which are 1" longer than a 27, as well as 4D and 8D's.

They also make 6V golf cart batteries which might be better because you know they are actually rated for deep cycles.    L-GC8-128M

They do make a marine Group 27écnicas/174996 which would help if you print out the web page and show the retailer.

Finally there are a few Centro de Servicio LTH (LTH direct stores) in Mazatlan downtown that might be better suited to order you what you need.

Is this a short term bank for the trip north to the US? If you are motoring a lot you might not need as much capacity.

Sams used to be the best price on wet cell.  Everything should only be a few days out of Guadalajara if a place is out of stock and you have to order.  PV is well stocked in most things Marine and not a long drive in a rental car, drive down get what you need spend the night and head back.  We drove up to San blas to check out the yard for hauling out.  Was a nice drive.


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For what it is worth, Fonatur came in with a reasonable price to remove and replace. A bit more than I would like, but they will source, remove and replace the existing batteries. That alone will likely save 2 days of boat work, plus the battery setup with 5 batteries would be a job.