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Nobeltec no longer to support FREE NOAA Charts..

Nobletec Bulletin

Removal of the S-57 import functionality. The Admiral and VNS products no longer have the functionality to use vectors charts other than the NCX charts provided by Jeppesen Marine. The S57 charts that you may have imported will be deleted or otherwise rendered unusable by Nobeltec Admiral or VNS by this patch.

Jeppesen Marine has chosen to not put the end user in a situation of ingesting chart data information that Jeppesen does not have control over. We are concerned about the safety associated with importing free data charts and in a process that cannot be controlled, monitored and verified to ensure the highest quality charts for our customers.



Would have been a great series to read. Too bad you have to sign up for a frickin' pay site to do so. I'm half way surprised that this thread is still in here, as it may as well be a tacit advertisement for whatever frickin site this is leading you to.

Why not copy and paste the articles for us. I for one refuse to join anything like that, even with a "30 day free trial".

I have zero affiliation with MadMariner. Certainly one can read the Series in under 30 days.
Good point, but I was stupid enough to join when this guy first started inviting us over to the site. So now I have pay to play ( and it ain't gonna happen). If this site could compete with Seahorse, I might consider it.