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Steam Flyer

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…and here i thought this gang had no class, (just random shots of babes n boobs, hint hint) . so wtf, i ll post this Monet print cuz i like it…

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Hey, dammit! Did you steal that painting just so you could post it here and impress all your friends?!?
Put it back please, there's a 7th grade class coming to the museum tomorrow. Think of the kids, man!!

Foredeck Shuffle

More of a Stoic Cynic, Anarchy Sounds Exhausting
More Stable Diffusion, v2.4.22.
Title: "sailboat racing fast over large waves"
I think it came out more of a "What is it?!?" in an effort to annoy foredecks everywhere.



Hof & Gammel Dansk - Skål !
A Gentleman out for a curious sail.


Peter Halkett sailing his first invention, an inflatable boat that could be deflated and used as a raincoat. The paddle became a walking stick; the sail an umbrella. Halkett’s boat attracted widespread interest in the 1840s. Halkett’s ingenious invention, which he sailed on the Thames and the Bay of Biscay, was highly regarded by Arctic explorers but was a commercial failure for gentlemen haberdashery.


Bring along a pal,


A so the modern inflatable was born.

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