Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!

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McCarthy now claims he would “never leave” Marjorie Taylor Greene. There’s only one explanation…she does anal.

Which one is on top?

She may be pegging him. You just never know.
Damn looks like you got there first.

Also, remember the Republican code: there is no honor among thieves. When he announces he'll "never leave her" he's already working on a plan to leave her dead in a ditch.


Fuck you second amendment
a long way from home

a random facebook reply. some one should really teach these fucktards some English and some punctuation........

Waldo Veelle
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Suwanee River
I don't know this for an actual serious fact, but I have it on good authority, that in Vermont MTG is known as"Margerine, the Terrorist's Dream."...